Snowy Christmas 

🎶 Baby, it’s COLD outside 🎶

A beautiful starry night, the sky is a beautiful navy of Troll uniques, Sapphire and Tiger eyes with the twinkling of Redbalifrog silver stars. The banks are covered in a beautiful Snow White of Elfbeads and Troll uniques. Adorned with beautiful silvers by Redbalifrog and Ohm beads. Who can resist Icy the Snowman? This combination is sure to be one of my favorites all winter! 

Silvers listed clock wise: RBF Star Bright, RBF Gingerbread House with Snowflake, RBF Madonna & Child, RBF Christmas Wreath, RBF Angel Brite, RBF Icy the Snowman, RBF Winter Snow, RBF Nordic Tree, OHM Teruterubozu Good Weather Doll,  OHM Teddy Scares Annabelle, OHM Standing Mouse, RBF Christmas Star dangle, RBF Star stopper. RBF Star Lock. 

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