New Year’s Mix 

Happy New Year! Hope 2017 is a fantastic year full of happiness and good health for all! Here is what I wore to bring in the New Year a mix of brands and artisans. 

On the Trollbeads Twisted Bangle you will find the beautiful Redbalifrog Star Stoppers, Trollbeads silver Two Sides to Everthing, and the oh so stunning Truebeadz Moscow Lights. 

Below you will find starting at the top an artisan, Trollbeads Daylight Brilliance, Elfbeads Water Scales, Artisan, Trollbeads unique, Redbalifrog LE Brass Rose, Trollbeads Unique, Elfbeads Christmas Shinemas 2014, Chamilia Hope (opposite side has a crystal dove),  Trollbeads Blue Tiger Eye stone, Elfbeads Gecko, Trollbeads Sapphire, Redbalifrog Star Bright, Elfbeads Christmas Shinemas 2014, Trollbeads unique, Redbalifrog LE Brass Endless Love, Trollbeads Unique, Trollbeads Purity, Elfbeads Bohemian, Trollbeads Unique, Artisan, Redbalifrog Gypsy Crystal Ball (I have used a link from Waxing Poetic to allow it to hang a little longer), Redbalifrog Brass Star Stopper, Redbalifrog Star Lock. 

Here we have an up close view of the Redbalifrog Gypsy Crystal Ball. On each side of the ball you will find a beautifully detailed hand with a ring on the index finger on one side and on the middle finger on the other. the bail is beautifully detailed and is connected to a stem that allows the ball to move and turn. I really love this dangle, such a great piece!  

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