Celestial Dreams

So calming to sit in the dark with the only light coming from the moon and stars above.  For many years living in Florida I loved to visit the beach at night, the sky was like magic, a most beautiful piece of art. I would sit for hours just staring at the sky while listening to the waves crash in. It’s truly a heavenly experience. Like so many I find our universe full of magic and mystery.  There are many beads out there that can represent our universe, but here are a few of my favorites.

Photo above: List of beads – Artsian The Glass Attic, Redbalifrog Moon Man, Artisan The Glass Attic, Redbalifrog Phoebe the Moon, Artisan Anne Meiborg, Trollbeads Star of Focus, Elbeads, Ohm Beads Luna, Trollbeads Galaxy Unique, Trollbeads Big Earth, Trollbeads Galaxy Unique, Redbalifrog Let the Sun Shine (Retired), Elfbeads,  Redbalifrog Star Man, Artisan Anne Meiborg, Redbalifrog Phoebe the Moon (Retired), Artisan The Glass Attic, Redbalifrog Luna Moon, Artisan The Glass Attic, Bella Fascini stopper, Redbalifrog Star lock.


Below is an up close with Redbalifrog’s old ( left ) and new ( right ) Phoebe the Moon.

Phoebe is one of the most intriguing moons of Saturn. Phoebe’s orbit is retrograde, which means it goes in the opposite direction than most moons. What makes phoebe special and different than other moons is that it is a dark moon that only reflects a small percent of sunlight. It’s dark, irregular and retrograde orbit suggest that it was captured by the gravitational pull of Saturn. There are a lot of speculation by scientist about where Phoebe actually came from, some even think that It came from a primordial time. Phoebe was discovered in 1898 by William Pickering.

Phoebe is a another name for the Greek goddess Artemis and the Roman goddess Diana. She was the goddess of Earth’s moon, forests and wild animals.

This bead was designed by Redbalifrog’s Amanda Bazarow in honor of her daughter Phoebe.  The original phoebe the Moon cast was broken, so they decided to make some small changes like a bigger moon, more stars, long wavy hair and both sets of wings. The original Phoebe the Moon is now retired. I personally love them both!  Both are beautiful and have great details. Also fun to wear.


Below you will find an up close with Redbalifrog’s Luna Moon. A beautiful full moon with lots of little craters.


Up close with Redbalifrog’s Star Man & Moon Man. Both are awesome beads. In the pics you will see the details of both sides. One side the Star Man and Moon Man are awake with eyes open and asleep with their eyes closed on the other side. My favorite side is eyes closed, looks so peaceful.


Also would like to show a close up of Trollbeads new Star of Focus. These have such beautiful details on both sides! They also come with different stones and meaning.


Today I stacked the Celestial bracelet with a Trollbeads Bangle, two Celebrate Life, Silver lining both by Troll, two small ball spaces by Bella Fascini and Star Stoppers by Redbalifrog.  This was such a fun stack, it was like Earth had a double rainbow on a cloudy day.

I think for now my Celestial bracelet is complete. I really love all the brands and artisans mixed together. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and the lovely beads. Have any questions leave me a comment!

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