Redbalifrog “Holding Your Heart” Review 

On January 20, 2017 Redbalifrog debuted their latest Valentine release “Holding Your Heart”.  The release consist of two new beads, Cupid’s Love and Winged Heart. Both are beautifully detailed and would be great year round, not just for Valentine day.

Here is a Valentine Day combo I have made with the two new beads, I received today.  I would wear this combo through out the year as they are perfect for a bracelet representing love. 

Bead list is located below the pic. Above: Trollbeads Unique, Redbalifrog Love the Music, Trollbeads Unique, Ohm Beads Love Hurts, Trollbeads from the empowerment kit, Redbalifrog Love Flower, Trollbeads Unique, Ohm Beads Love Cage, Trollbeads Unique, Redbalifrog Cupid’s Love, Waxing poetic holding Redbalifrog Winged Heart, Trollbeads Unique, Redbalifrog Beaten Locked Heart, Trollbeads Unique, Redbalifrog Big Love, Trollbeads from empowerment kit, Pandora Angelic Feathers, Trollbeads unique, Trollbeads Heart Ball, Trollbeads Unique, Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral Stopper and Redbalifrog Heart Lock (retired).


Up close on the bracelet.


Up close of all sides of Redbalifrog Cupid’s Love, as you can see the bracelet strings through the wings, which keeps this bead sitting just right.  You can also see all the lovely details at every angle.

Quote from Redbalifrog ” Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go straight to my lovers heart for me. -Sam Cook 1961″


Here is an up close photo of Redbalifrog’s Winged Heart. This is personally one of my favorite beads from all the releases that have been released lately. The wings are so beautifully detailed and it has a dangly heart in the middle. Would also be great on a memorial bracelet or just to remind you that your guardian angle is near by.  I know this will be one I will wear a lot.

Quote from Redbalifrog “A hanging symbol that the heart and often love is flighty.”


Here I have stacked my Valentine bracelet with A smooth and twisted Trollbeads bangle. On the smooth bangle I have the Trollbeads June Rose on the bangle inside Trollbeads In Your Heart, stoppers are Redbalifrog Octagon Stoppers.


What do you think of the new release? Do you plan on getting these beads and if so how are you going to use them? Would love to hear your feed back on the new release! Comment below.

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