Happy St Patrick’s Day! 

A day of all things green and of good luck is what most of us think of on St Patrick’s Day.  As a child growing up we always wore green to keep from being pinched. Even to this day we dress in green and today my wrist is adorned with green, white and good luck symbols. We celebrate with corn beef and cabbage dinner and a lovely charity St Patrick’s Day Parade. 

My wrist adorned in beautiful baubles. 

Bangle: Trollbeads Bubble Uniques, Redbalifrog Octogon stoppers and the very CUTE Ohm Beads BOTM, March, Bunny Reaper on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle. 

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world and most of us like to wear symbols of luck through out the year. I remember as a child what it was like to lay in a mound of clovers, stringing the flowers together to make a beautiful headband and looking for that very lucky and elusive four leaf clover.  I think for most of us this is one of the most universal symbols of luck. 

St Patrick’s Day Bracelet 🍀 full of luck! 

Above list of beads: Trollbeads my Sweet Stories bead, Elfbeads Star Monroe, Trollbeads unique, Elfbeads Everstar, Artisan Glass, Trollbeads Unique, Trollbeads LE German Clover, Elfbeads Star Monroe, Trollbeads Green Armadillo, OHM Beads LE Lucky Moves, Trollbeads Unique, Trollbeads Unique, OHM Beads Leprechaun, Trollbeads Unique, Trollbeads Unique, Brighton Jewelry Heart Leaf Clover Charm, Trollbeads Unique, Elfbeads Star Monroe, Trollbeads Lucky friends bead, Trollbeads Unique, Trollbeads Unique White Armadillo, Elfbeads Eleven Knot, Trollneads Unique, Trollbeads Mountain Crystal, Trollbeads Day bead 2015, Redbalifrog Bubbles stopper, Trollbeads LE Lucky Friends Lock. 

Up close with some of the very special beads. 

Besides a yummy dinner of Corn beef and Cabbage, one of our most favorite things to do each year is to go watch the annual Parades. Here is a collage of Hal’s St Paddy’s Parade, which benefits the local Children’s Hospital, Blair E Batson. A long with photos of the parade you will find photos of my lovely sons and grandson enjoying the parade and catching beads, along with all the festivities.  

I am looking forward to this Friday, March the 17th and the weekend to follow. Should be lots of fun. I will be wearing my green! What will you be wearing and what St Patrick’s Day traditions do you look forward to each year?  Comment below I would love to hear about your weekend plans! 

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