Ohm Beads “Tom the Dead” Review

Easter is only a few weeks away, so I’ve been thinking about beads for the season. Easter eggs and bunnies, yes of course! But what else? Most people get together with family and have a traditional dinner, turkey or ham and all the fixins. So why not a turkey? Like Ohm’s quirky turkey Tom the Dead! Being that he is a sugar skull turkey, I thought it would be a cool idea to pair him up with Ohm’s March BOTM (bead of the month) Bunny Reaper, LE Dutch tulips and a pair of Upchuck Confetti which remind me of the speckled Easter eggs I decorated as a child. I put all of these on a Trollbeads Bangle with a pair of Redbalifrog stoppers.  This combination reminds me of the old saying pushing up daisies, however in this case he is pushing up tulips.

Here is my combo below.

Ohm’s Tom the Dead is limited edition, only 555 were made and was released as November 2016 bead of the month. Each bead comes in a little Day of the Dead sugar skull coffin, along with a card that contains the serial number for That bead.

Below shows how your bead will come packaged.

Here it shows the number of your bead out of 555.

Here you can see from every angle of the bead, that it is very well detailed. Such a quirky design and is so fun to wear.  As we all know Day of the Dead, is a Day to celebrate the life of your loved ones.. so why not celebrate the life of the turkey through out the year?

Look closely you will see cute detailing on the feathers, little flowers and skulls, as well as the back of the turkey has swirly’s all about and his belly has a cool bones detailing to it. He is also a very nice size bead, not too small or too big.

Over all I think that Tom the Dead is a great bead, I especially love sugar skulls and hope to see more sugar skull animal beads in the future! I just love Ohm and their sense of humor that they bring into their bead line.

Being that only 555 were made of Tom the Dead, not a lot remains and once they are gone, there will be no more! So if this is the bead for you, you might want to get it while a few stores still have stock. Retail is $70 USD, 90 CAD, 65€ Euros.
A lot of stores have sold out but I was able to find a few stores that still have stock. Here is a list of stores both in the US and internationally.



What are your thoughts on Ohm’s Tom the Dead? What would you pair him with? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.

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