Ohm Beads New Release Trees LE 

Ohm brings us a new fresh design that is limited edition. These will go fast and are perfect for spring and summer with fresh budding trees and green life! These are not numbered but are limited.  They will retail at $35 USD.  Available this Wednesday April, 5 2017.

“The wilderness is a place of rest – not in the sense of being motionless, for the lure, after all, is to move, to round the next bend. The rest comes in the isolation from distractions, in the slowing of the daily centrifugal forces that keep us off balance. — David Douglas

Spin this bead to meditate on the nature that surrounds us. The green tones evoke nature and the ever eternal forests that we must continue to cherish for they bring us the oxygen we breathe. Celebrate Earth Day every day with OHM.”

All photos courtesy of OHM Beads – please do not reproduce.

These stores are taking pre-orders and will have Ohm Beads Trees – AMV041 available this Wenesday April 5th.


Generous Gems – http://www.generousgems.com/p/beads-and-bracelets/collections/new-ohm/amv041.html

Great Lakes Boutique – http://www.greatlakesboutique.com/ohm-beads/Trees-ohm.html

Artisan Bead Boutique – http://www.artisanbeadboutique.com/store/p780/Trees.html


Star Bijou – https://www.star-bijou.de/ohm-beads/ohm-beads-trees.html

Les trouvailles d’Anne – http://www.lestrouvallesdanne.com/




Or available directly from OHM Beads on April 5th


I truly love this bead and will need a pair! What are your thoughts about the new OHM Beads Trees? Must have? I would love to hear your feedback! Leave me a comment below.

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