Inspired by Nature  

This past week we went on a field trip with my son’s class to the Science Museum. So of course I had to have the perfect combo to represent the animals we would see on our trip. We arrived at the museum before the busses, so I had a moment to walk around in the garden outside the museum and take some photos of my creation amongst natures background.

Currently everything here in the south is blooming. We tend to see spring a lot earlier than most of the country. Below I found this beautiful twisted tree and the perfect branch to take my first photo.

Here are a few of the many exhibits they have at the Sceience Museum.

Above is a few of the snakes that were on display, including the double headed snake. Also some really cute turtles.

The aquariums were filled with such beautiful fish through out the museum! All the kids thought the little gators were so cool.

They also had some larger alligators. Plus inside they had areas of  bug specimen, I’m rather fond of moths and they had animal skeletons, not sure if these are man made or actual bones. I really thought the bat skeleton was rather neat.

The garden out side was in full bloom and so very beautiful!

I am always so very inspired by nature and tend to love beads with a nature theme. So it was the perfect opportunity to wear some of my favorites.  Here are some up close photos of some of my favorite Redbalifrog Beads. I always love to wear these in the spring and summer months. Love frogs, little lizards and the occasional snake.  Here you will find the Redbalifrog Tree Frog, Bamboo Frog, Zen Snake and Geckos.  How can you resist the Zen Snakes smile?

Below is a breakdown of what is on my bracelet.

  1. Trollbeads Unique
  2. Redbalifrog Tree Frog
  3. Trollbeads Unique
  4. Trollbeads Turtles
  5. Trollbeads Sahara Nights
  6. Trollbeads Perfect Moments
  7. Redbalifrog Bamboo Frog
  8. Trollbeads Unique
  9. Trollbeads Soulmates
  10. Trollbeads Big Butterfly
  11. Trollbeads Soulmates
  12. Trollbeads Unique
  13. Redbalifrog Geckos
  14. Trollbeads Event bead (Trollbeads Gallery 2016)
  15. Trollbeads Sahara Nights
  16. Redbalifrog Zen Snake
  17. Trollbeads Unique
  18. Trollbeads Four Frogs, Big
  19. Trollbeads Unique
  20. Redbalifrog Bubbles stopper
  21. Redbalifrog Frog Lock

Before we left we stopped by the gift shop at the Science Museum there I found the most perfect memorabilia of the day and I just couldn’t leave it behind. I found the most beautiful sterling silver Dragonfly pin. I plan to turn it into a pendent.

If you just have to have any of the beautiful Redbalifrog Beads above you can find them at any of the retailers below or check the list of stores on your countries official Redbalifrog website for a store near you.

Redbalifrog USA
Great Lake Boutique
Hartwell House
Swiss Flower and Gifts

Star Bijou 
Les trouvailles d’Anne

Joesph Welch
Exclusive Bead Store
Girlie Go


Hope you enjoyed our trip to the Science Museum as much as I did and as always I’d love to hear your feedback!

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