Ohm Beads May BOTM

Ohm Beads BOTM are always highly anticipated and as we get closer to preview time the more eager we are to see it. I have seen some speculation on Facebook as to what May BOTM would be and of course the price point this bead would be released at. However seeing the bead I have to say with the detail, it is so worth it. With only 222 being released it will go fast. 

Wings Of Protection 

We pass through each stage of life with grace and purpose. One purpose is to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Wrapping our wings to hold out the hate, and keep in the love. Love hurts, love wounds, love kills, but love fuels and love endures, love drives, and love protects. #PROTECTOTHERS

It is also perfect on the Ohm Beads Ball Necklace! 

I just love the details of the butterfly, but the true treasure is what you find with in the wings of the butterfly sleeping, the cutest little baby. This is a must have for me with Mother’s Day around the corner. 

 The price of Wings of Protection will be $222 USD and can be pre-ordered today,  but will not be released until April 26th.


Generous Gems
Great Lakes Boutique
Artisan Bead Boutique
Charms Life


Star Bijou
Les trouvailles d’Anne

Joseph Welch

I would love to hear your thoughts on May’s BOTM!? Will you be coveting this bead? 

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