Ohm Beads “New Release” 

I am so very excited for this release! This release includes the bead Butterflies and the dangle Chrysalis. Both are prefect for spring and summer bracelets and both look beautiful on a necklace. 


Two fly as one. This pair of lepidoptera circumnavigate your bracelet with grace and ease. Two couple to create one. Two sides create a whole. Two parts; above, below; left, right; top, bottom; inhale, exhale; give, receive. Our lives and our partners are ever changing. Who we converse with, who we touch, who we love, and who we hate. Life is not static but an ever flowing dance of connections, no matter how fleeting. #BIAXIALLOVE

Butterflies are said to be messengers from loved ones who have passed on to give comfort, a smile and to show beauty in the world.

I love that this bead has two butterflies as one, it’s very romantic and can be used in so many different ways. 

Ohm Beads also brings us a perfect dangle to add to your spring, summer or spiritual bracelets. 


The Caterpillar dies so the Butterfly lives. This is the chrysalis of change. Hibernation and separation are sometimes required to create the most important change in our lives. All parts of us are left behind so that we can begin again. Let the chapter end. Let the door close. Let the caterpillar die. Let the change happen. #DIETOLIVE


The Chrysalis, brings new beginnings, new life and allows you to transform. 

Butterflies (AAN011) will retail at $55 USD and CHRYSALIS (AAN012) will retail at $40 USD 

Both are available for Pre-orders today at retailers listed below and will be released on April 26th. 


Ohm Beads
Generous Gems
Artisan Bead Boutique
Great Lakes Boutique
Charms Life


Star Bijou

Les trouvailles d’Anne


Joseph Welch

I would love to hear from you all! What are your thoughts on the new release from Ohm Beads? 

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