Redbalifrog Pendant Review

By special request I have put together a review of some of Redbalifrog’s Pendants. I hope you all find this review helpful and that it inspires you.

Most of those who know me know that I love redbalifrog and am rather fond of their pendants. I find them fun to wear, most are larger and perfect on a long chain. I wear mine on a long ball chain by redbalifrog and sometimes more than one pendant at a time.



Redbalifrog Sugar Skull Pendent –  I truly love sugar skulls so this was a must have for me. I love the meaning and the culture connected to sugar skulls. Most think they are scary or always think of death. However when I see a sugar skull, I see them as a celebration of life. Whether it’s celebrating being a live or celebrating the life of a loved one who’s memories live on with you.

The front is covered with all sorts of flowers and is so detailed. The back reads “Amar la Vida que vives”  which means “Love the life you live”,   Such a positive message and meaning. As you can see in the third photo the skull is a nice size next to a Trollbeads Amethyst (14mm).  I like combining the sugar skull on a long chain with some smaller redbalifrog dangles.




Redbalifrog Peace Guitar –  This pendant calls to my hippie side, I automatically think of what it must have been like to be at Woodstock with beautiful music in the air.

I usually wear it with the back of the guitar showing, it’s just too beautiful to hide. I love pairing this with the Song Bird or Peace Sign or both!

On the front of the guitar you can see the detail of the guitar and it actually has strings! On the back you will find a beautifully detailed bundle of feathers and a peace sign. Third photo shows the guitar next to a Trollbeads Amethyst (14 mm). The guitar isn’t as large as some of the other pendants, however it is still a nice size.




Redbalifrog Mother Earth Totem Pendant – is truly a spiritual pendant! So detailed. A feminine pregnant body, which is beautifully designed, she has her hands behind her back and a symbol on her back, sides and bottom. On the third photo you can see her next to a Trollbeads Amethyst for size comparison.  I wore this along with my peace sign on Earth Day.




Redbalifrog Feather of Hearts Pendant – I find this pendant truly romantic. So many different ways to look at the symbolism of the feather. For me I imagine a poet dipping the tip of the feather in his ink before writing the most profound poem.

To Native Americans the Chief wore them to symbolize their communication with spirits and show their celestial wisdom. For some it may tie them to a beloved pet. Either way, this is truly a stunning work of art and a joy to wear.

As you can see the pendant is a nice size, with a heart made into the feather at the top. There is also a Feather of Hearts dangle that matches perfectly if you would prefer a smaller feather or would like to wear it on a bracelet. I have also included a Trollbeads Amethyst in the second photo for size comparison of both the pendant and dangle.




Redbalifrog Songbird Pendant – This is one of my favorite pendants! I just love the design, details and that it is fully functional. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a whistle! The body is beautifully detailed and the eyes are crystals. Mine is not really loud, but my son always wants to blow on it when I have it on. Its a rather fun piece of jewelry. I also like to use it in my Hippie combos!




There are still a few pendants missing from my collection but I would be happy to share them with you all, when I add to my collection! I hope you find each of these pendants as beautiful as I do.


Here is what I call my hippie combo.. Love, Peace and Happiness.





If you like any of these Pendants and would like to order, you can do so at the following links.



Redbalifrog USA

Swiss Flower and Gifts

Brown Dog Antiques


Star Bijou

Les trouvailles d’Anne

Redbalifrog Netherlands


Girle Go


As always I would love to hear from you all on what you think of these Redbalifrog Pendants! Please feel free to leave me a message below! If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.



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