Ohm Beads “Ohm Jar” Review

Today on the blog I thought we would review the Ohm Jar from Ohm Beads and it’s many functions.


For me when I first saw the Ohm Jar, my first thought was a nice mason jar of Iced tea. Here in the south many southern restaurants serve ice tea in a jar with a slice of lemon. We even wear tee shirts with sweet ice tea in a jar and a southern quote like “Southern girls like sunshine and sweet tea”!



Though I think a lot of us think of food, when we see a jar. Whether it’s home style canning or buying pickles etc at the super market. So I have to think.. what are my favorite foods that come in jars.  Jams, Jelly, Honey, peanut butter yum yum!  In my house anything pickled is a favorite! Pickles and Pickled Okra tops our list.



Speaking of pickles! I think Ohm beads “Do You” go perfectly with the Ohm Beads “Ohm jar” for all of you pickle lovers out there.



There is nothing like going to the farmers market and seeing fresh jars of honey with some of the comb inside the jar.



Of course we need a Honey Stack! Left bangle: Ohm Beads “Ohm Jar”,  Trollbeads “Ambers”, Redbalifrog “Octagon Stopppers” on a Trollbeads twisted bangle. Right bangle: Ohm Beads “Please Survive”, “Hive Mind – Blush” Trollbeads “Copper Stoppers” on a copper twisted bangle.



Jars have many functions. I remember going into my grandfathers workshop, on the shelves would be organized jars of nails, screws, nuts etc.



Here is my workshop combo! Ohm Beads “Dark Soul”, “Get Nailed”, “Ohm Jar”, “Get Hammered” “Drops of Life” and a pair of Redbalifrog “Octagon Stoppers” on an Ohm Beads Dirty Twisted bangle. Ohm Beads have a full line of DIY tools that would work perfectly in this theme! I had to add “Drops of Life” as my husband is always hurting himself 😀



The Ohm Beads Ohm Jar is rather quirky and unique. I love thinking of all the theme possibilities for this bead!  It would be perfect in a bug theme, as child we would put holes in the top of the jar and catch lighten bugs also known as fireflies, it was so magical to watch the little fireflies light up in side the jar. We would sit on the porch to watch them for hours before setting them free.

The Ohm Jar can work in many different combos including fantasy. How about a cool witches or mad scientist lair? Imagine frogs and eyes balls inside the jars!


Here are some close up views.


Would also go great in a summer theme with Ohm Beads Strawberry from their latest release! All in all, this bead has so many different possibilities. It’s cute and fun! Ohm Jar retails for $45 usd.


If you would like to order Ohm Beads Ohm Jar, please visit Ohm Beads in the banner or one of the retailers below.









I hope you guys love the Ohm Jar as much as I do. I’d love to hear some of your ideas. What do these jars remind you of and what themes would you use them in?




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32 responses to “Ohm Beads “Ohm Jar” Review

  1. Right now, I have my Ohm Jar on my Summer of Love mini bracelet with Woodstock beads, as the jar just screams Summer to me! Love all your combos here and you’ve inspired me to make up a Bee combo. Great review!!

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  2. I would take my Luna bead…it is my most treasured bead! I have always loved the night sky and it’s mysteries so my luna is a fantastic reminder of the night skies I adore.

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  3. Moving to gnome home and can only take one bead, then I would take my Wings of Protection. Because as a Mom, I love that bead and what it represent for me to be able to protect my three children regardless of where I am and how old my kids will be. With this bead, I’ll always have them close to me and my heart.

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  4. Moving into my Ohm Gnome House, I would take the Luna bead because it represents unconditional love, and it make me think to the It makes me think of the immensity of the sky and the space.

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  5. If I could only take one bead with me when I moved into my Gnome home I would take Feeling Knotty. It’s perfect for taking a quiet moment to crochet a pretty blanket or a new Gnome hat for my Ohmily.

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  6. Found you, Auntie Gnome! OHM MYYY, why do you make me choose between them?! /sigh

    If I could only move *one* bead, it would be OHM Velociraptor. My lil raptor would keep my OHM Home (“hOHMe?”) safe from intruders. And if Jurassic Park taught me anything, my Clever Girl could open the door for visiting friends.

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  7. Of couse AGRH!!! “no valuables can be kept. You can not bring anything with you when you die. Death may tap on your shoulder any moment. You have no time for crappy thoughts ‘n moods, regrets ‘n doubts. Don’t Argh! Be Arr and Yay instead.” (с)

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  8. The only one bead I would take would be Wings of Protection. I love it and it symbolizes so much how you feel when you’re a mother.

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  9. I would take my Trollbeads dutch cloggs with me, because it’s the last birthday present my mother bought me before she passed away, so I’m really attached to them. Miriam

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  10. Geez Aunt Gnome, you are sneaky and it took a while to find you 🙂 Now that I found you let me tell you about my favorite bead. I’ll stick to my favorite OHM, so that I don’t hurt your feelings. By the way I want the feelings collection 😉 back to my bead…well it’s really “beads”. I absolutely love the Typo collection. It’s one of my favorite releases. ❤ We need numbers and symbols for this one so I can spell out "#1Aunt" 😀

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  11. I would have to take Ohm Gnome with me!! He has to be with me wherever I go. And he wants Mighty Bear to join him/us for tea and travel as well! ❤️

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  12. Geez you are sneaky and it took a while to find you.. finally I found you and I will answer your question – I’d take Argh with me because I like water and it reminds me of the endless ocean and the fun of diving and seeing all our lovely animals living in the ocean!!

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  13. If I could only take one bead with me I would choose the ohm royal elephant as my mate bought it for me during our stay in Bangkok and so it has a special meaning for me (especially as we both love Thailand and perhaps will move there when we retire). ❤

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  14. I desperately want the beautiful Butterflies bead, so that would definitely be the bead I would take with me. What better way to brighten a new home by adorning it with beautiful butterflies? 😍

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  15. I would take a Hug Me bead to my Gnome Home so that I’ll keep it with me everytime I go to sleep. 🙂


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