Hearts & Roses for Mothers Day Featuring Redbalifrog


Today on the blog I wanted to feature some beautiful Redbalifrog beads that I think are perfect for Mother’s Day! When I think of Mothers day gifts, I always think of some of the gifts I have received over the years from my children. Heart shape jewelry and roses always top the list.


Starting off with a beautiful stack of Ohm Beads, Redbalifrog and Trollbeads.



Redbalifrog Heart of Roses come in both Sterling silver and Brass. The quality of the brass is amazing, lightly colored and resembles closely to the tone of gold.  Both beads are resting on Redbalifrog Endless loving Silver and the LE Endless loving Brass.



The Redbalifrog Baby Love is also a great Mother’s day heart, it shows baby’s feet inside the hands of a mother. Very beautifully done. As you can see all three hearts are similar sized, all would go perfectly together.



Redbalifrog Baby Love goes perfectly with the 2016 Trollbeads Mother’s Rose, along with Redbalifrog LE Brass Rose and LE Brass Endless Loving.



The possibilities are endless.



Another view of the two Redbalifrog Heart of Roses next to the Mother’s Roses from Trollbeads.




Redbalifrog Baby Love. Here you can see the up close details of the hands and feet. The babies toes are just too cute!



Redbalifrog Heart of Roses. Up close details of all 6 roses, each beautiful petal.



Redbalifrog Brass Heart of Roses, up close view of the 6 roses and the beautiful gold tone of the bead.



A beautiful combination of Redbalifrog and Trollbeads. List of beads below photo.



Starting at the top going clockwise.

  1. Redbalifrog Endless Loving  $33
  2. Trollbeads Unique
  3. Gingerbread Heart $33
  4. Trollbeads Labradorite
  5. Redbalifrog LE Brass Endless Loving $28
  6. Trollbeads 2016 Mother’s Rose
  7. Redbalifrog Roses $33
  8. Trollbeads Trollstone
  9. Redbalifrog Brass Heart of Roses $28
  10. Trollbeads 2017 Mother’s Rose
  11. Redbalifrog Heart of Roses $33
  12. Trollbeads Crazy Lace Agate
  13. Redbalifrog Roses $33
  14. Trollbeads 2016 Mother’s Rose
  15. Redbalifrog LE Brass Roses $28
  16. Trollbeads Ruby Rocks
  17. Redbalifrog Baby Love $33
  18. Trollbeads Unique
  19. Redbalifrog Endless Loving $33
  20. Redbalifrog Brass Frangipani $16.50
  21. Redbalifrog Brass Rose Lock $38


If you fancy any of the Redbalifrog beads they can be purchased at any of the following links. Please note that the Limited Edition Brass Roses and Endless Loving are not widely available.


Redbalifrog USA









I would love to hear your feed back, so please leave me a comment below. What are your thoughts on these Redbalifrog beads?
































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