Wings of Protection by Ohm Beads Review

It’s here!!! My BOTM Wings of Protection by Ohm Beads arrived from the Exclusive Bead Store in the UK today and I am so in love! I was really on the fence about this bead, but had to make a split decision before it sold out. I’m so glad I took the plunge. If you didn’t get this one, it is worth the hunt.


Ohm Beads Wings of Protection is May’s BOTM, Only 222 were made and retails at $222


Unpacking Wings of Protection.


First look and I was in love! The details are amazing. Inside the wings is a cute sleeping baby. I have not seen a bead made like this before and i can imagine it was rather difficult creating the baby with in the wings. On the back side is a beautiful butterfly. Its wings are folded in, with each wing and the body having amazing detail. The only problem I have is which side to wear up, as I love them both.



Of course I had to put Wings of Protection on the bangle right away and I think this is my favorite place to wear it currently. Though, I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of playing!



Butterfly up!



Wings of Protection works rather well on the Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace. I think I’ll be playing a little more with wearing it on a necklace. May try it on leather too, I imagine that would be gorgeous!



Works well as a focal on a bracelet with other beads, too. Sits well and for the short time i had it on, I had no issues with flipping, however this is one bead I wouldn’t mind if it flipped.



Butterfly up and a full list of beads below.




List of beads on the above bracelet:

  1. Trollbeads 40th Anniversary Lock
  2. Redbalifrog Frangipani Stopper $26
  3. Redbalifrog Australian Gum Leaves $33
  4. Trollbeads Unique $46
  5. Trollbeads Unique $46
  6. Redbalifrog Sunflower $33
  7. Trollbeads Unique $46
  8. Trollbeads Unique $46
  9. Redbalifrog Green Man $44
  10. Trollbeads Old Antique Flower (Retired)
  11. Trollbeads Unique  $46
  12. Ohm Beads Wings of Protection Limited Edition $222
  13. Trollbeads Unique $46
  14. Trollbeads Old Antique Flower (Retired)
  15. Redbalifrog Chrysanthemum $37
  16. Trollbeads Unique  $46
  17. Trollbeads Unique  $46
  18. Ohm Beads LE Tulip (Dutch Exclusive)
  19. Trollbeads Unique  $46
  20. Trollbeads Unique  $46
  21. Redbalifrog Fern Leaf $33


Wings of Protection by Ohm Beads is rather hard to find, however  Ohm Beads Thailand  currently has limited stock available on their website. If you want this bead I would hurry!


All Redbalifrog used in the above bracelet combination are current stock and can be purchased here in the USA.


I would love to hear your thoughts on Ohm Beads Wings of Protection, so please comment below.  Did you order this bead and if so what are your thoughts?



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