Ohm Beads Magic Books Preview

Today brings the preview of Ohm Beads new Limited Edition bead Magic Books, only available at Pianeta Beads. This is a store exclusive and only 333 will be available. Retails for 59 Euros.



  A place for books is a place for magic. Let yourself be transported to a magic realm with the book fairy. Experience fantastic places, amongst woods, fireflies, and fantastic characters. Let your imagination soar and you’ll be the hero of your own dream. It is what books are: Magic.



Magic Books is an exclusive bead by Ohm Beads for Pianeta Beads in Italy. This bead is very limited.



Magic Books is so beautifully detailed with a stack of books, top book is engraved with “Magic” and what looks to be a partial word “Wo”.  Resting on the stack of books is a beautiful fairy sleeping with her arms and head resting on the books. Her wings along her back are my most favorite part of this bead, her wings are beautiful and remind me of petals.


Photos courtesy of Ohm Beads, please do not reproduce.



Top view of Magic Books.


Stock photos of Magic Books by Ohm Beads.




Magic Books by Ohm Beads is available for pre-order today, May 15th, only at Pianeta Beads by II Diamante! Click the banner to be redirected to their website to order. Pianeta Beads ships internationally. You can also message Pianeta Beads on Facebook.  The release date is June 1st and will ship out first week in June.




I would love to know your thoughts on this new bead by Ohm Beads and Pianeta Beads, leave me a message below! Will you be ordering this bead today?











3 responses to “Ohm Beads Magic Books Preview

  1. I preordered today and I can’t wait to get it! I love her expression and the back of the bead is so lovely! As an avid reader and someone who has treasured books her whole life, this bead speaks loudly to me. I’m so looking forward to playing with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, exactly .. she sparks the book lover in us and reminds us of our love for books and how truly magical they are. I am so glad you pre-preferred, this bead is perfect for you! I look forward to seeing her in person. Hope you enjoy your new treasure!


  2. I preordered this charm as soon as I saw it on Instagram without hesitation!!!! I have always had a love for reading and how books can transport us to magical places. I am so excited to get this charm!!!! June can’t get here fastest enough!!!!


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