Redbalifrog By the Sea

Today on the blog I thought we would take a closer look at some of the sea themed beads by Redbalifrog. Anyone who knows me, knows that my most favorite place on Earth is the beach! Nothing more relaxing than listening to the seagulls fly over while the waves crash against the beach, skin toasty from the sun and your toes dug into the sand. The perfect meaning to paradise!

So, I have put together a sea theme bracelet and bangle to share and once you scroll to the bottom of the page there will be a list of beads and pricing for Redbalifrog.

Here is the By the Sea Bracelet.

By the Sea Bangle

Wrist shot of the bangle and bracelet together.

I love how all the Redbalifrog Beach theme beads stand out among the glass.

I am a southerner, born in South Carolina, however I was basically raised in Florida. I spent a good portion of my live in the Florida sun. I would rather be on the beach than anywhere else no matter the season, but I especially love spring, fall and winter by the sea. I now live about two and half hours from the ocean and I so long to be sea side.

This collage of photographs is my inspiration. These photos were taken Winter, February 2013 in Panama City, Florida. Average temperature that week was in the low to mid 60’s Fahrenheit. Too cool to really swim in the ocean, but perfect otherwise. The Beach was secluded unlike summers in Panama City when all the tourist is lavishing amongst the sand. It’s the perfect time to spend hours sitting on the beach relaxing or taking long walks looking for shells. I don’t get to visit the beach often; however, I love wearing my beach theme beads to remind me of my most favorite place to be.

Now let’s look at some of the Redbalifrog Sea Theme silvers.

The Redbalifrog Bali Hut, just says paradise to me! Could you imagine spending your entire day and evening lounging inside one of these huts on the beach?

The Redbalifrog Conch Shell is stunning. Walking the beach and finding a conch shell empty is an exciting moment. In most tourist spots the Conch shells are harder to find, but are some of the most beautiful shells. If you place a large conch shell next to your ear you can hear the sea. I would not suggest doing this if there is a creature living in side, haha.

The Redbalifrog Modern Mermaid.  Not that you would find a mermaid by the sea, but I surely feel like a mermaid when by the sea.  This Modern Mermaid is beautifully detailed. I just adore her tail and sea shell top. She sits perfectly on a bracelet.

The Redbalifrog Nautilus Shell is the most stunning bead! In my opinion it is prettiest out of the complete collection of sea theme beads.  The word Nautilus comes from Ancient Greek which means sailor.

The Redbalifrog Octavia Octopus will wrap her arms around your bracelet while she sits on your arm. Octopus are very intelligent and were considered sea monsters in mythology. I don’t think a sea theme would be complete without an Octopus!

The Redbalifrog Sea Urchin is also one of my favorite beads among sea theme beads.  This bead looks beautiful no matter the combination and is perfect in pairs! The name Urchin is an old word for hedgehog which they are considered to resemble. They come in a range of species, colors and are so beautiful. Redbalifrog beautifully recreated the perfect Sea Urchin!

The Redbalifrog Seahorse is adorable, he is a happy little fella with a smile on his face, bright eyes and a curled tail.  I have several Seahorses in different brands and I truly love him. The details on the Redbalifrog Seahorse is amazing.  The Seahorse is a very interesting creature, each male seahorse has a pouch that the female places her eggs in. The male carries the eggs until the baby seahorses emerge from the Daddy’s pouch. The male Seahorse can carry up to 1500 eggs at a time! Impressive!!

The Redbalifrog Star n’ Fish is perfect bead for any sea theme bracelet. You have a starfish and a cute little fish in the middle of the star. Starfish are an amazingly beautiful creature coming in many species, colors and textures. I think Redbalifrog has done a wonderful job creating this Star n’ Fish.

Here we have the Redbalifrog Turtle Dude. Isn’t he adorable? Who doesn’t love Sea Turtles? Sea Turtles are majestic creatures of the sea.  The symbolism of Sea Turtles makes it one of my favorite symbolic beads. They symbolize longevity, endurance, persistence and continuation of life, sometimes against great odds.

A breakdown of what’s on my bangle, including pricing for Redbalifrog beads.

  1. Redbalifrog Surya the Sun $37
  2. Trollbeads Unique Cream Galaxy
  3. Redbalifrog Bali Hut $37
  4. Trollbeads Unique Cream Galaxy
  5. Redbalifrog Octavia Octopus $33
  6. Redbalifrog Frangipani Stopper $26
  7. Trollbeads Twisted Bangle

Now a breakdown of what’s on my bracelet, including pricing for Redbalifrog beads.

  1. Fenton Beads Walk on the Beach
  2. Trollbeads Magical Lamp
  3. Redbalifrog Turtle Dude $33
  4. Artisan Pearl
  5. Trollbeads Blue Desert
  6. Redbalifrog Nautilus Shell $33
  7. Artisan Ruth Bankey’s Coral
  8. Trollbeads Unique wave
  9. Redbalifrog Seahorse $37
  10. Artisan Pearl
  11. Fenton Beads
  12. Redbalifrog Modern Mermaid $33
  13. Fenton Beads
  14. Artisan Pearl
  15. Redbalifrog Conch Shell $37
  16. Trollbeads Unique foot prints in the sand
  17. Artisan Ruth Bankey’s Coral
  18. Redbalifrog Sea Urchin $33
  19. Trollbeads Blue Desert
  20. Artisan Pearl
  21. Redbalifrog Star n’ Fish $33
  22. Trollbeads Magical Lamp
  23. Fenton Beads Walk on the Beach
  24. Redbalifrog Frangipani Stopper $26
  25. Redbalifrog Mermaid Lock $65

All Redbalifrog that was used in the combos are current collection and can be purchased at any of the following retailers.

Click Banner to be redirected to Redbalifrog USA to shop the complete collection!!


Also available at these great retailers world wide!


Swiss Flower and Gift

Brown Dog Antiques

Hartwell House

Great Lakes Boutique


Germany – Star Bijou

France – Les trouvailles d’Anne

Italy – Pianeta Beads by II Diamante

UK – Girlie Go


123 Gifts


As always I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave me a message below! Which are your favorite sea side beads?

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