Spirit Beads New Release Lucky Monk

Today here on Beadsaholic, we will preview the new release by Spirit Beads, Lucky Monk!


As you can see Lucky Monk is the perfect addition to Spirit Beads Asian themed beads Maneki-Neko and Kokeshi, seen below. Both are also available at Spirit Beads.



Spirit Beads Lucky Monk, is too cute! I truly love his peaceful happy expression on his face.




All Photographs are courtesy of Spirit Beads. Please do not reproduce.


Back of Spirit Beads Lucky Monk. Love the braided hair.



Chain fits through the neck of the bead which should keep it from flipping and keep it level with your other beads.  When ordering you have the choice of two core sizes 4 mm which fits chains similar to Trollbeads and 4.5 mm which will fit all larger or threaded bracelets like Ohm Beads and Pandora.


Over all, I think Spirit Beads Lucky Monk is an adorable bead and will go perfect with any Asian themed combination.


  • Spirit Beads Lucky Monk retails 45 Euros.


You can find Lucky Monk and other Spirit Beads on their website. Click the banner to shop!



As always, I love hearing your feedback! I’d love to know your thoughts on Spirit Beads new bead Lucky Monk?  What would you pair this bead with?






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