Ogerbeads Introduction

Today on Beadsaholic blog we are proud to announce a new featured brand to the Blog, Ogerbeads!

I would like to introduce you to three beautiful beads Lilac/Aqua Moonlight, Dark Empire Air Fragments and A Touch of Lavender Pixiedust Fragments by Ogerbeads!



Ogerbeads Dark Empire Air Fragments is stunning with dark shades of purple encased in a clear faceted glass. This bead retails for 35 Euros.



The facets catch the light perfectly on the Dark Empire Air Fragments.



Ogerbeads A Touch of Lavender Pixiedust Fragments is a very unusual cool bead. It’s basically half and half color, half is a dark berry purple and the other half is a lighter lavender, throughout the bead is particles of pixie dust which gives it a magical touch.



Ogerbeads A Touch of Lavender Pixiedust Fragments is encased in clear and is faceted. The facets help this bead catch the light with every turn. A Touch of Lavender Pixiedust Fragments retails for 35 Euros.



Ogerbeads Lilac/Aqua Moonlight is truly beautiful, I could fill a bracelet with these beauties! The bead is a translucent lavender core, however from different angles you can see what looks to be a glowing soft pink.  The bead is encased in smooth clear glass and there are particles floating throughout that when charged glows a beautiful aqua in the dark.



Ogerbeads offer several colors in the Moonlight collection. However, Lilac/Aqua Moonlight is my favorite. I do have a soft spot for any shade of purple.  Lilac/Aqua Moonlight retails at 30 Euros.



Here in low light you can see the Ogerbeads Lilac/Aqua Moonlight softly glowing aqua.



Ogerbeads Lilac/Aqua Moonlight Glowing.



Here I have paired all three Ogerbeads on a Trollbeads twisted bangle with two Trollbeads Amethyst, two Ohm Beads Please Survive available here, two Trollbeads Retired LE Baby Breath spacers and two Redbalifrog Frangipani stoppers available here.  As you can see Ogerbeads are similar in size and shape of Trollbeads Amethyst.



Ogerbeads mixes well with other brands. Below you will find a mixture of Ogerbeads, Trollbeads, Ohm Beads and Redbalifrog. I rather enjoyed this mix stack this week!



Here I have placed the three Ogerbeads with both Ohm beads barrels, Trollbeads Amethyst stones and a mixture of Ohmbeads, Redbalifrog and Trollbeads silvers.



Up close



Photographs belong to Beadsaholic, please do not edit without permission or reproduce without giving proper credit.



Ogerbeads Dark Empire Air Fragments sits perfectly between Ohm Beads OhmMyGod. I love how it helps the shades of purples stand out in both Ohm Beads Dreamscape and Purple Haze.



Here I have paired the three Ogerbeads in a stack with Ohm Beads Luna and Moon Me on the second bracelet. On the first bracelet is True Beadz Tokyo Lights and Moscow Lights with Redbalifrog Phoebe the Moon (Retired version) as the focal.



The three Ogerbeads I received are consistent in size, compatible with other brands. Please note that the core on Ogerbeads are smaller than universal cores however, slightly larger than Trollbeads Classic core.  I have tried the three on all my bracelets, it fits Trollbeads bracelets and bangles, Redbalifrog bracelets and bangles, Ohm Beads it fits the dirty twisted bangle, but, does not fit their bracelets, Ogerbeads does not fit on Pandora. See photo below showing cores from several leading brands. Ogerbeads is center. You can see its closest to the classic core size of Trollbeads.



Over all I’m rather impressed with the three Ogerbeads and look forward to collecting more in the future. I find the beads beautiful and feel they fit in well in my collection. As well, as compatible to mix with other brands in different combos.


If you would like to order Orgerbeads you can do so by clicking on the banner below. Ogerbeads offers a full selection of beads in all different colors and styles on their website. They offer free shipping and currently have a promotion 5+1 deal on the website.




As always, I’d love to hear your feedback! Leave me a comment below, please. What are your thoughts of Ogerbeads?





4 responses to “Ogerbeads Introduction

    • Hi Carolla, Yes it does limit their use being a smaller core size. I tend to use my trollbeads bracelets for full bracelets. I am happy they fit on the Ohm Bangle though, I wear my dirty bangle a lot and most troll cc don’t fit. So, that was a nice surprise. Good news is Ogerbeads will be releasing a bracelet at some point and I think you might like it. More details to come soon!


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