Annual Ohm Gnome Festival Event details and Preview

Today Beadsaholic Blog brings you the latest details of the Annual Ohm Gnome Festival, including the event bead!

The Annual Ohm Gnome festival will be held on June 9th and 10th, 2017. Visit Annual Ohm Gnome festival Event on Facebook to RSVP and register to win “Around The World” by Ohm Beads. Be sure to click “Going” to be included in the drawing.

Tune into Ohm Stuff Facebook page and the Annual Ohm Gnome Festival Facebook Event page on Friday and Saturday June, 9th and 10th, 2017. These will be two fun packed days with contest, special bundles and much more. Festivities will begin at 10 am Seattle time.



Now for what we have all been waiting for the preview of the Annual Ohm Gnome Festival Event Bead! The event bead will be a Two-tone Desk Globe. The Ohm Beads two -tone Desk Globe will be available during the event in special bundles on Ohm Stuff Facebook page. However, there will only be about 100 beads available, but don’t despair participating Ohm Beads Retailers will be taking preorders for the event bead starting today and ending June 11th, which will be made to order and shipped out around the end of August 2017.  All bundles sold during the event will ship out the week after the event. Ohm Beads two-tone Desk Globe will retail for $70.




Photos courtesy of Ohm Beads. Please do not reproduce.



The following retailers are now taking preorders for the Two-tone Desk Globe Event bead by Ohm Beads, Orders will close on June 11th. Please remember that these will not be manufactured until all preorders have been made. These will not ship out until towards the end of August.




Generous Gems

Artisan Bead Boutique

Great Lake Boutique



Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France

Pianeta Beads – Italy



Exclusive Bead Store

Joseph Welch



Ohm Retailer Promotions

Starting June 8th at 00:01 through June 11th at 23:59 EST



USA Promotions 




  • Generous Gems  With a purchase of $125.00 or more of Ohm Beads receive a lobster Clasp bracelet #WHT00518 in the size of your choice. There will also be available bundles through the event which will include a bead that is retired and no longer for sale. Plus, anyone who purchases an ohm bead through out the event will be entered to win a collectible July 2015 Latte BOTM.  Visit Generous Gems on Facebook for more details and be sure to visit their Event page.


Europe Promotions 





  • Perlen Odense Is offering 20% off most items during the event. BOTM and preorders are excluded from the discount. Use discount code GNOME at the time of check out. Visit Perlen Odense on Facebook for more details.




  • Atelier 41​ in Busto Arsizio (Italy) is having a 20% discount offer on OHM or a FANTASTIC offer: free hat with a Heart of Stone.






Contest & Giveaways 


Beadsaholic will be hosting an Ohm Beads giveaway for the Annual Gnome Festival event. Be sure to check back here on Or Beadsaholic Facebook page or on Beadsaholic Instagram for details on how to participate on June 9th!


Also, the following blogs will be hosting giveaways, too.




Facebook Ohm Stuff Schedule


Ohm Gnome Festival Listing Schedule (Seattle time). Here is the link to figure out your local time Time Zone Converter

Friday 10:00 AM OGF17-001 Singapore
Friday 10:30 AM OGF17-027 Fiery Dragon
Friday 11:00 AM OGF17-002 Around The World
Friday 11:30 AM OGF17-032 Bloody Chainsaw
Friday 12:00 PM OGF17-003 Mama Terra Set
Friday 12:30 PM OGF17-030 Bathing Under Waterfall
Friday 1:00 PM OGF17-004 Homebody
Friday 1:30 PM OGF17-031 Friend From The Lab
Friday 2:00 PM OGF17-005 Live On Earth
Friday 2:30 PM OGF17-028 Dreamy Unicorn
Friday 3:00 PM OGF17-006 Love The Earth
Friday 3:30 PM OGF17-033 A Shady Friend
Friday 4:00 PM OGF17-007 Hope On Earth
Friday 4:30 PM OGF17-034 Moonlighting
Friday 5:00 PM OGF17-013 You Are Not Alone
Friday 5:30 PM OGF17-008 Moving To Mars
Friday 6:00 PM OGF17-035 Friend From The East
Friday 6:30 PM OGF17-009 Hawaii
Friday 7:00 PM OGF17-026 GeGnometry
Friday 7:30 PM OGF17-010 Naughty Ohm Gnome
Friday 8:00 PM OGF17-039 The Bodyguard
Friday 8:30 PM OGF17-011 You Are Not Alone
Friday 9:00 PM OGF17-037 Drunken Monkey
Friday 9:30 PM OGF17-012 Country Ohm Gnome
Friday 10:00 PM OGF17-019 Stinky World
Friday 10:30 PM OGF17-014 Ohming Monkey
Friday 11:00 PM OGF17-022 Ohm Gnome’s Life
Friday 11:30 PM OGF17-015 Japan
Saturday 12:00 AM OGF17-038 Gnome Castle
Saturday 12:30 AM OGF17-025 Gnomergency
Saturday 1:00 AM OGF17-017 Australia
Saturday 2:00 AM OGF17-036 Her Highness
Saturday 3:00 AM OGF17-018 Bee-hiving
Saturday 4:00 AM OGF17-041 The Party Set
Saturday 5:00 AM OGF17-016 On The Beach
Saturday 6:00 AM OGF17-040 Friend From Russia
Saturday 7:00 AM OGF17-020 We Are The World
Saturday 8:00 AM OGF17-021 Stoned
Saturday 8:30 AM OGF17-023 Til Death Do Us Part
Saturday 9:00 AM OGF17-029 Please Kiss Me
Saturday 9:30 AM OGF17-024 Gnome Family
Saturday 10:00 AM OGF17-042 Self Defense




Looking for a certain Ohm Bead? Click banner to shop now!


As always, I love hearing your feedback! Will you be participating in this weekend’s events? What are your thoughts on the Two-tone Desk Globe?





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