Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi

Today on Beadsaholic we have a preview of the new release from Spirit Beads!


Spirit Beads Limited Edition Kokeshi joins Spirit Beads Japanese inspired Collection. Though the LE Kokeshi is similar to the previously released Kokeshi by Spirit Beads, the LE Kokesho has a bit more detail, as you can see the LE Kokeshi is more decorative with a bun on top of her head held together by long hair pins that resemble chop sticks. She has the cutest expression upon her face. This is such a happy, feel good Bead that would be perfect on a bangle or leather or in an Asian theme.


Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi is limited to only two hundred (200) pieces. This beautiful bead weighs approximately six grams and is 16 mm x 9 mm, so this is a nice size bead with a good weight. LE Kokeshi retails for forty-eight Euros (48).



Above Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi is shown with some stones alongside the Spirit Beads Sakura and Kokeshi, both current collection.



All photographs courtesy of Spirit Beads. Please do not reproduce.



Each LE Kokeshi by Spirit Beads comes stamped with its own individual number.  Spirit beads come with a standard size core similar to Trollbeads, however you can order your bead with a custom universal core which will fit all brands. Spirit Beads will note which ones are custom sized to universal on a list.



Now for a few live shots of Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi!



The first Kokeshi Dolls are dated back to the Edo Era (1603-1868) and were produced in the Northern region of Japan. The wooden figures are strong simplified forms of women or girls, mostly made in a cylindrical shape with round heads. Over the years an own direction of handicraft has emerged, which is specialized in producing only Kokeshi dolls. , every region and every designer developed his own style. Originally the Kokeshi were intended as a toy as well as a talisman which was said to bring fertility and abundant harvest. As a gift, it is expressing appreciation of your friends and other acquaintances.



Wrist shot.



Sits perfectly on a bracelet.




If you would like to order Spirit Beads Limited Edition Kokesi today, click banner below.



I would love to hear your feedback! Leave me a message below. What are your thoughts of the new LE Kokeshi from Spirit Beads?




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