Ohm Beads Panorama Collection Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings you a preview of a new collection by Ohm Beads, Panorama!

The new Panorama Collection is sure to be a hit! The collection consists of eight city beads, that are like caps for your glass beads and can be used on a bracelet, bangle or Ball Necklace. This is a very unique and creative design!

The first design is AAT126 “The Big Apple”. By the name I’m sure you have guessed the city is NYC. The design of this bead is simple beautiful. I love the Statue of Liberty.

Here is “The Big Apple” on an Ohm Ball Necklace with Ohm Ice Hole nestled inside.

Next in the collection is AAT127 “Big Smoke”. Which resembles the smoky city of London!  You can see the famous London bridge and Ferris wheel which isn’t too far away.

Here you see “Big Smoke” on a Ohm Ball Necklace with an Ohm Smoke on the Water barrel inside the Panorama charm.

Next up is AAT128 “Formosa”. The beautiful city of Taipei, which is the capital of Taiwan. Take your very own tour of the National Palace Museum and go site seeing around this beautiful city.

Here you see “Formosa” on the Ohm Ball Necklace.

Up next is AAT129 “Down Under”. Sydney, Australia is one of my favorite cities and is on my bucket list to visit one day. The bead also features the beautiful Sydney Opera House.

“Down Under” is beautiful sitting on an Ohm Ball Necklace.

Next is AAT130 “The Eternal City”, of course this is Rome, Italy! Such a beautiful historic city. For those who have bought or thinking of buying the Ohm Italy Collection, The Eternal City will go perfectly with this collection!

The Eternal City sits perfectly on an Ohm Ball Necklace.

Up next is AAT131  “Emerald City”.  Seattle is known as Emerald City because the city is surrounded by lush greenery. However, there is no greenery on this bead it does features some of the most famous architect structures known to this beautiful city.

Here the Emerald City sits perfectly on an Ohm Ball Necklace with a beautiful Poisoned Apple nestled inside.

Our next bead is AAT132 “XXX”. Can you guess what city this is? In this city, there are XXX displayed all over the city on flags, buildings, etc. If you guessed Amsterdam, you are right! Amsterdam is known for its narrow houses, beautiful canals and windmills.

I love how beautifully “XXX” and the other Panorama beads sit on the Ohm Ball Necklace.

Last but not least is AAT133 “City Of Angels”. This bead gives you a tour of the beautiful city of Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is known as Krung Thep which means City of Angels.

Here it sits on an Ohm Ball Necklace.

Stock photographs of each bead on a Ball Necklace.

Each Ohm Panorama Collection city will come packaged as you see below.


Over all I think this release is fantastic. Will be the perfect keepsake for those who have visited one of these wonderful cities or for those who dream to one day visit. You can take a tour around the city without being there! How cool is that? The creativity and craftsmanship on these beads is amazing. I look forward to seeing the details in person.


Release date on the Panorama Collection is July 5, 2017. Each bead will retail for $85 and are available for preorder at the retailers below and will be available on Ohm website on release day.




Generous Gems

Artisan Bead Boutique

Great Lake Boutique



Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France

Pianeta Beads – Italy



Exclusive Bead Store

Joseph Welch



As always, I love hearing your feedback! What are your thoughts of the new Panorama Collection from Ohm Beads? Leave me a comment below!


2 responses to “Ohm Beads Panorama Collection Preview

  1. Thanks for the nice review!
    I think my favorites are London, New York and Sidney…. I wonder if some more cities will come…a fun idea for sure!!! We can build our own little world now…The new green crack bead would be perfect for “Emerald City” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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