Ohm Heart of Stone Review

Today on Beadsaholic we review Ohm Beads Heart of Stone.

Last week I received my Heart of Stone by Ohm Beads. I had so much fun opening my stone box, though I did not smash it like suggested, I used my power tool to gently cut away at the grout holding the lid to the box.

The Heart of Stone comes inside a brown recycled box, wrapped in cellophane. Once you remove the cellophane and open the box you find a thick foam card which reads “Break Stone Receive Heart”, up under this I found my stone box! Inside was a beautiful two-tone Heart, matte silver stone with a black inner heart.  I recorded the opening of my heart, you can find that video on Beadsaholic Facebook page.

Here are some screen shots from the video.

Each bead comes with a card with your special limited-edition number, that matches the number on your bead.

The contrast of the inner black heart with the Matte silver stone, drastically stands out and grabs attention!

Heart of Stone comes with the stone box and the two foam cards you see here.

I find this Heart of Stone, poetic! I see a tragic heart that the stone is gently being chipped away revealing the heart that has so long been suffocated by the stone.


As your love chips away at the stone covering my heart
 you find my heart unbeaten and blackened by suffocation.
Your love gently removes me from the rubble
 that has encased my heart for so long
 as you breathe new life into my blackened deprived heart.


Here you can see the Heart Of Stone next to Ohm Beads Love Cage and Open Your Heart for size comparison.

Now for some up-close photos at every angle.

As you can see here each bead is stamped with its own unique limited edition number. There were 1,111 made and this bead is number 974.

This was my very first combo with Heart of Stone! I thought the Ohm Beads Dark Soul from the Dark Shadow Collection were a perfect match for this bead. I also love the contrast of this bead on the Ohm Beads Dark Twisted Bangle. I of course had to wear my Ohm Beads Moon Me Gnome for the Annual Ohm Gnome Festival. Besides I’m pretty sure he has a blackened heart 😉

Here I created a combo I call Wild at Heart. Just a simple bangle I have paired the Ohm Heart of Stone with Trollbeads Black Ambers and Leopard unique on a twisted bangle with a pair of Redbalifrog Bubble Stoppers.

Here is the other side of the Heart of Stone. Though the side in the photo above is my favorite, but sides are equally beautiful and I love that they are different.

Of course, we must have another wrist shot! This bracelet has been my favorite to wear this week. I can see Heart of Stone being in lots of combos to come!

One of my combos during OGFest. you can see here how perfect this Heart of Stone looks on the Dirty Twisted Bangle by Ohm Beads.

When I ordered from Artisan Bead Boutique I received the Ohm Beads Ball Necklace free during their OGFest Promo. The Heart of Stone look perfect on the ball necklace.


My overall view of the bead I received, is simple, LOVE. Like others I was skeptical of the price especially not knowing many details and I however did wait until release day before I placed my order with Artisan Bead Boutique, so I knew that it was a heart and what it looked like, but at the time had not seen all the finishes. Photos that I had seen throughout Facebook while waiting for my bead to arrive did not do this bead justice.  It is a truly beautiful bead, I love the way the stone is cut away from the heart and you see the heart peeking through. I do feel that this version of Heart of Stone is very appealing and drastically shows the contrast of the two colors and the matte finish. I do feel each heart is beautiful in it’s on way. I have not seen the other two finishes in person, however the photographs I will be showing you below from Ohm Beads, show the details of these two finishes perfectly and beautifully. I LOVE all three.  If my wallet was giving I’d buy more!


Just in time for my review of my Heart of Stone, last night I received images from Ohm Beads of all three finishes!  I find these photographs stunning and it makes me want the other two finishes as well, however I am completely happy with my Heart of Stone. 


Now for a real treat! Photo’s showing all three finishes!


The stone weighing my heart
Will not break me
My light will shine through
And slowly chip away
At the stone that bounds me.


First the all Silver finish, which shows a matte outer finish and a shiny heart shining through the stone.

All silver Heart of Stone on a silver bracelet.

All silver Heart of Stone on a Ball Necklace.


Though my heart has been beaten and covered in stone
My heart still beats on
To be discovered and uncovered.


Next up is the Heart of Stone with black matte stone covering a shiny silver heart that is shining through the black stone!

Black stone with silver Heart of Stone on a Silver Bracelet. The contrast of the two colors is beautiful.

Black stone with silver Heart of Stone on a Dirty Ball Necklace. I love this pairing. It really makes the silver stand out.

The last finish is the one I received and is the silver matte stone with black Heart of Stone.

Here is the silver matte stone with black Heart of Stone on the Ohm Beads Dirty Bracelet.

Now the silver matte with black Heart of Stone on the Dirty Ball Necklace by Ohm Beads. I also received a dirty ball necklace with my heart and love this combo!

Here in the stock photos that shows the details on both sides of each heart.

Of course, most of you have seen the packaging from Ohm Beads for the Heart of Stone, however here is the stock image showing how the Heart of Stone is packaged. Included in the photo is all three finishes, you will only receive one of these finishes in your package, unless you get lucky!


Heart of Stone from Ohm Beads is limited to only 1,111 pieces and though many stores have already sold out, Ohm Beads USA still has stock! So, there is still a chance to get your hands on a Heart of Stone. Ohm Beads Heart of Stone retails for $140.

Click the affiliate banner below to be directed to Ohm Beads to shop!




The three poems you find in this review were written by me, however I am in no way a Poet.  I do hope you have enjoyed this review, the photos shared in the review belong to Beadsaholic and Ohm Beads. Please do not reproduce without proper credits and permission.


I would love to hear from you all. Did you buy a Heart of Stone? Which finish did you get? If not, do you plan to buy a Heart of Stone and what finish are you hoping for?




6 responses to “Ohm Heart of Stone Review

  1. Thanks for the great review!
    I think my favorite is the black inside although I love the black outside version too. It is a bit like the black dark world trying to pull my heart to the black side 😀
    I am not a heart person at all but the Ohm hearts are just always so cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I got two version ;all silver and dirty on outside / silver inside. I’m still looking for the final version dirty inside and silver outside 😍😶😆😎😃😔

    Liked by 1 person

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