Celebrate Trollbeads Day!

Today on Beadsaholic we are celebrating Trollbeads Day!!

This year Trollbeads brings us a special treat! This year’s Trollbeads Day bead is an elegant Golden Rutilated Quartz! I couldn’t think of a more perfect stone to celebrate the legacy of Trollbeads.


The Trollbeads Day 2017 bead is a Golden Rutilated Quartz, a precious stone with Rutile inside. The pieces of Rutile are small needle like threads. The stone is popularly known as the Venus Hair Stone. It varies in color from very bright to a deeper shade. Golden Rutilated Quartz is an excellent stone, if you want to change direction in life. It cleanses and energizes, and it will help you make your life easier. It has the ability to lift your mood and is said to attract love… what’s not to like! Trollbeads Day 2017 is a limited edition and includes a 2017 stamp.


Trollbeads Golden Rutilated Quartz will go perfectly with just about any combination.

Or even alone on a bangle, leather or traditional bracelet.


I have not received a Golden Rutilated Quartz yet, so I’m not able to give a review of the bead. However, I think it will be one bead everyone will love and want to be a part of their collection! Please remember that this is a natural stone and there will be different variations.  This bead retails at $170.

If you would like to order this year’s Trollbeads Day bead the Golden Rutilated Quartz bead, click the Trollbeads banner below to shop now. This is an affiliated link.



For those in Europe, you can order the Trollbeads Day bead at the following retailers.


Now to share some inspiration!  Here are some of my favorite Trollbeads, in celebration of Trollbeads Day.



Happy Trollbeads Day to you all! I hope you all have had a wonderful day! How did you celebrate Trollbeads Day?



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