Pokeball Giveaway on Facebook!

Beadsaholic Giveaway!!!

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  • In celebration of Trollbeads Day, comment below with your favorite Trollbeads! (Also, if you would like, but not necessary to enter, post a photo of your favorite Trollbeads on the Beadsaholic Facebook post)


Once 500 likes are reached on Facebook a winner will be randomly picked. Winner will receive a Trollbeads Pokeball.



Some Pokeball inspiration!




51 responses to “Pokeball Giveaway on Facebook!

  1. Thank you for the chance to win the illusive trollbeads pokeball!!! *keeps everything crossed for luck 🍀🤞🍀🤞🍀*
    My favourite trollbeads are Mr & Mrs pac man 😍😍😍


  2. My favourite trollbeads has got to be bead of fortune. Different combinations you never know how it will sit!


  3. I don’t have many beads so I love all Trollbeads.
    I don’t know any name of the few bead I have, sorry.


  4. So hard to pick favorites! My first Trollbead was Wings of Freedom, I ended up getting a second later when I was able to buy it for only $5, so I really like that pair a lot. I love the Big Butterfly, that was in my 2nd ever Troll purchase (the bracelet picture I posted on your Facebook has Big Butterfly, and your favorite purple!). I got the Fantasy Frog a few months ago and love wearing it on my bangle, I have a special curved pearl that fits perfectly in the belly so no gaps. I purchased 2 Troll in Perlen’s sale yesterday, vintage pendant (with hanging pearl) and the long floral spacer (tall flower from the Tiara collection). I am going to wear the spacer on my bangle pointing up my arm and use another bangle above the first to keep it in place! Can’t wait to receive and play ❤


  5. Very hard to choose but I love silver troll with big feet, he is so cute and it is because Trollbeads made beads of actual Trolls that got me into them as a brand in the first place.


  6. I love your bracelet stylings! Perfect accessories for gamers. Thank you for hosting such a fun contest! 💖


  7. My favourite Trollbeads is the Rose of June. I love it. It was my first Trollbeads silver. I’m also a big fan of Trollbeads stones and I have sapphire that I love.


  8. I love the flowers of the month yet impossible to pick just one. Your. Blog is great Paula! Well done.


  9. Happy Trollbeads Day/Celebration!

    My favorite Trollbeads is the African Tortoise bead. It reminds me of my Sulcata Tortoise I used to have. ❤


  10. Picking a favorite is really,really hard! I think I’d have to say my Tibet Set. I hunted that set down till I found one, I wanted it so much. It’s a permanent bracelet. I don’t move them around, Thanks for running this. I’m enjoying your blog.


  11. Picking a favorite trollbead is hard. I love all of them. But if i really had to pick i would pick the pokeball and chakra set. My mom has the chakras, first time i saw them i fell in love.☺


  12. Hi! My favorite Trollbead bead is 3in1. It’s my first and only so far, but the first time I saw it I was so in love. When I received it in the mail, I was so surprised that it was so heavy. It’s beautifully made and very special to me.


    • I’ve always loved Troll with Big Feet
      as reminds me of my baby boys (who aren’t babies anymore 😞)


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