Ohm Beads BOTM Sun Dragon

UPDATE: Lots of new photos have been added below and I think you guys are going to love them!

Today Beadaholic brings an exciting preview of Ohm Beads Sun Dragon!

Ohm Beads Sun Dragon is the August bead of the month. The 27th BOTM, how exciting is that? Each bead is numbered with its own special number both on the card and directly on the bead and are limited to only eight hundred and eighty-eight (888) beads.

The Ohm Beads Sun Dragon looks fantastic on a chain! I know this will please a few of you who were hoping to wear this Sun Dragon on a necklace.

On the bracelet allows us to better determine size and how it will sit on a bracelet. Going by this photo it looks to be more of a focal bead.


I know many will be excited for this bead. You can never have too many dragons! I don’t know a lot about this bead yet, however will add more details and photos as I get them! (UPDATED)

It is available for preorder today at the following retailers and can be ordered directly from Ohm Beads on the release day of August 2nd. I do think this bead will be a hit and go fast! The Sun Dragon retails for $70, 65€, 58£.




Artisan Bead Boutique

Generous Gems

Great Lake Boutique



Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France

Pianeta Beads – Italy



Exclusive Bead Store

Joseph Welch


As always, I love hearing your feedback! Will the Sun Dragon be a must have for you?


6 responses to “Ohm Beads BOTM Sun Dragon

  1. Amazing bead. And a rather okay price compared to the last high priced Ohm Beads! 888 is not much really. I expect this to go fast especially becasue you can make a great dragon bracelet along with the Spirit Bead dragons!!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hi! Love your blog! Thanks for the pictures of the Sun Dragon – I preordered because I love dragons and didn’t want to miss out. What are the spirit beads that you all are talking about? Where can I see them? Thanks!! Laura

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Laura, Thanks you ❤ I think you will love the Sun Dragon, especially if you love dragons! Spirit Beads has a lovely Dragon you can build on a bracelet or necklace! You can see it here. They also have a few Asian themed beads that are so beautiful, you can find them here and here. You can also visit their website. I will be reviewing Spirit beads here soon on the blog, so be sure to follow ❤


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