Redbalifrog Life is a Song Review

Today on Beadsaholic, I wanted to review some of my favorite pieces from the Redbalifrog collection Life is a Song. This collection debuted in 2016. Today, we will review five of the six pieces released.

Redbalifrog Skull King of Music, is one of my favorite skulls. Anyone who knows me knows that I love crowns, music and skulls. This bead combines all three together, what could be better than that?

The Skull King of Music looks so happy, as if he has been tapping along to the music streaming through his head. You can see his happiness in his smile and expression. He is obviously the king of music because he wears a beautiful crown with musical notes all the way around. Crown is tilted to the side from all the dancing! This is such a fun bead and works anywhere on a bracelet, but I adore him as a focal.  Skull King of Music retails for 44 usd / 37 euros / 33 gbp

The following photographs show the Skull King of Music at every angle.

Redbalifrog Stardust is a tribute to the beloved David Bowie who passed away in 2016.  On each side of the star you will find an engraved image of Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s alter ego, a rock star who acts as a messenger for extraterrestrial.  Starman from the album “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” debuted in April of 1972.  David Bowie was a true Rock n’ Roll icon and will be missed by many. Kudos to Redbalifrog for giving us all a way to honor and remember the legend.  Stardust retails for 37 usd / 31.50 euros / 28 gbp

Below are three different angles of Redbalifrog Stardust.

The Redbalifrog Love the Music is the perfect bead for anyone who loves to throw on a pair of headphones and get lost in the music! The bead is a puffy heart with headphones, which reminds me of fond memories of the 80’s!  Love the Music retails for 33 usd / 28.50 euros / 25.50 gbp

Below are three angles of Love the Music.

Redbalifrog Music Scroll is a fantastic design! It takes the music from the music paper and brings it alive in this scroll.  It wraps around like a ribbon. My favorite way to wear this bead is on leather but works well on a traditional chain, bangle or even on a fantasy style chain.  The music Scroll retails 33 usd / 28.50 euros / 25.50 gbp

Following three photos show each side of the bead and the end view.

Redbalifrog Peace Guitar is designed as a pendant; however, size allows you multiple ways to wear as a pendant or dangle. I prefer to stack on a long necklace chain or on a bracelet alone or at the back of a full bracelet. It dangles nicely on the wrist.  I can’t help but think of Wood Stock, with the peace sign and ornate feathers on the back of the guitar. On the front of the guitar you will find it’s hand strung which gives a unique detailing to this pendant. Peace Guitar retails for 44 usd / 37 euros / 33 gbp.

The following two photos show both sides of the Peace Guitar.

My favorite way to wear the Music Scroll is on the Redbalifrog’s leather bracelet pictured in this wrist shot below.

Now for a little inspiration! I have mixed Redbalifrog with True Beadz and Ohm. Product list below photo.

Starting with the bead on the right side of lock going clock wise.

  • Redbalifrog Onyx retails 37 usd / 31.50 euros / 28 gbp
  • Redbalifrog Music Scroll retails 33 usd / 28.50 euros / 25.50 gbp
  • True Beads Big City Lights Moscow (Retired)
  • Redbalifrog Stardust retails 37 usd / 31.50 euros / 28 gbp
  • Ohm Beads Dark Soul (2E) (retired)
  • Redbalifrog Skull King of Music retails 44 usd / 37 euros / 33 gbp
  • Ohm Beads Dark Soul (2E) (retired)
  • Love the Music retails 33 usd / 28.50 euros / 25.50 gbp
  • True Beads Big City Lights Amsterdam (Retired)
  • Redbalifrog Peace Sign of Twigs retails 34 usd / 28.50 euros / 25.50 gbp
  • Redbalifrog Onyx retails 37 usd / 31.50 euros / 28 gbp
  • Redbalifrog Peace Guitar retails 44 usd / 37 euros / 33 gbp
  • Redbalifrog Star Lock retails 58 usd / 54 euros / 48 gbp

Some up-close photos of different sections of the featured bracelet.

Over all Redbalifrog is one of my favorite brands, this collection is top of the list! You get a nice size bead with a good weight at an amazing price. So, you really can’t go wrong when buying from Redbalifrog.


Redbalifrog USA ships internationally, click banner below to shop now.


Or visit one of our Domestic or International Retailers

USA Retailers

Swiss Flower and Gift

Brown Dog Antiques

Hartwell House

Great Lakes Boutique

Europe Retailers

Germany – Star Bijou

France – Les trouvailles d’Anne

Italy – Pianeta Beads by II Diamante

UK – Girlie Go

Australia Retailer 

123 Gifts


Want more inspiration? Here is some combination from Beadsaholic Instagram!


Hope you all enjoyed this photo packed article on the Redbalifrog Collection, Life is a Song! As always, I’d love to hear your feedback! Leave me a comment below. Do you have any of the beads in this collection or are any of these beads on your wish list?



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