Ohm Beads Insects Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of the new release Insects from Ohm Beads! These little critters will be part of the regular collection. They are available for preorder today and will release on August 2nd, 2017.

I’m sure by now some of you have seen this teaser image on Facebook or possibly other social media networks. This is the Ohm Beads Caterpillar (AAA078). I personally think this would go nicely with the previously released Ohm Beads Butterflies and Chrysalis, both can be seen here. Also those who bought May bead of the month Wings of Protection (seen here), may find this a great addition to their bracelet.  So many possibilities with this bead.  The Ohm Beads Caterpillar retails for 70 usd /65 euros

Ohm Beads Grasshopper (AAA079) looks to be a Grasshopper sitting on a curled blade of grass. I could see this in a combo with flowers, gardens or themes in the woods.  The Grasshopper retails for 50 usd /47 euros

Ohm Beads Crickets (AAA080). This bead as you can see is covered in Crickets! I automatically think of fishing or feeding a pet reptile, I could also see this in a garden theme.  Ohm Beads Crickets retails for 65 usd / 60 euros

Ohm Beads Scarab (AAA081) is a popular insect and is thought to be sacred in different cultures, symbolizing rebirth and regeneration. A scarab was worn as an amulet by Egyptians as early as 2000 BCE and is still just as popular today.  The Ohm Beads Scarab is different than the traditionally worn scarabs, however I think this gives a refreshing take on this beetle and allows it to be worn in many different combos. The scarab looks to be crawling on a round rock (or dung ). Ohm Beads Scarab retails for 65 usd / 60 euros

Ohm Beads Ants with Glitter (AAA082) brings a bit of sparkle to your garden bracelet! There looks to be two ants and two sparkly stones. I think Ants are a wonderful symbolism for strength, endurance and team work. Ohm Beads Ants with sparkle retails for 65 usd / 60 euros

Over all I can think of a few themes these insects would be great in and I can’t wait to see all the ideas buzzing around social media. I do like a couple of these myself, though I’m not normally a huge insect fan other than bees, spiders and butterflies. I know many of you have asked for insect and I think Ohm Beads has done a fantastic job at creating insects you will love.

These are available today for preorder at the participating retailers below, however will not ship out until August the 2nd. They will be available on Ohm Beads USA on release day.



Generous Gems

Artisan Bead Boutique

Great Lake Boutique



Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France

Pianeta Beads – Italy



Exclusive Bead Store

Joseph Welch


As always, I love hearing your thoughts on new releases! Comment below and let me know what you think of the new release Insects from Ohm Beads?



2 responses to “Ohm Beads Insects Preview

  1. Oh I so love these!! I don’t have any of the beads you mentioned but I see these perfect for my garden bracelet mixed with TB’s!
    And the green crackle bead would be amazing!! My favorite is the caterpillar…best the silver caterpillar mixed with only glass caterpillars 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • The caterpillar is my favorite too! Would go great with the Troll glass caterpillar and glass butterflies.. this one might be best in pairs 😉 I think green crackle would look lovely on a garden bracelet too!


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