Trollbeads Summer Sale!

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of Trollbeads biggest sale so far, this summer!

The Trollbeads sale starts today Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 and will run through Wednesday July 5th, 2017.

They have several great deals going on!  

  • Purchase a decorative lock and receive a free bracelet 
  • FREE Trollbeads Tote with the purchase of $125+ 
  • Receive 25% off select beads (Photos to follow)


Purchase a Trollbeads Decorative Lock and Receive a Bracelet free.

When you purchase $125.00 plus in Trollbeads receive this Trollbeads Tote FREE.

During the summer sale buy any of the following beads at 25% off regular price.

UPDATE: Lots more beads have been added to the 25% off sale!

List of beads (above).

  • Ice Blue Bud Bead
  • Light Blue Stripe Bead
  • Blue Fantasy Bead
  • Beach Ball Bead
  • Pink Prism Bead
  • Pink Desert Bead

List of beads (above).

  • Purple Stripes Bead
  • Purple Dot Bead
  • White Paper Fold Bead
  • Star Spangled Bead
  • Flaming Mediation Bead
  •  Sahara Jewel Facet Bead

List of beads (above).

  •  Peach Flower Bead
  • Sea Urchin Bead
  • Root Chakra Bead
  • Dark Leopard Bead
  • Green/Purple Triangles Bead
  • Green Jade Bead

List of beads (above).

  • Black Bubbles Bead
  • Buttercup Bead
  • Turquoise Green Dots Bead
  • Aqua Edged Pumpkin Bead
  • Throat Chakra Bead
  • Christmas in Hawaii

List of beads (above).

  • Christmas in Australia
  • Seed Bead
  • Cute Teddy Bead
  • Carved Flowers Bead
  • Coral Branch Bead, Silver
  • Chinese Auspicious Bead

List of beads (above).

  • Wings of Freedom Bead
  • Impulsive Mouse Bead
  • Drum Beat Bead
  • Turtles Bead
  • The White House Bead
  • Old West Bead


This is a fantastic sale and if you have any of these beads on your wish list now is the time to get them!


Ready to shop? Click the Shop Now banner below! 


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I always like hearing from my readers, comment below and let me know which of these sales you plan on taking advantage of?



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