Happy 4th of July!

Today, I would like to wish all Beadsaholic readers a Happy 4th of July!

Some red, white and blue inspiration! Below is my 4th of July combo for the day, followed by some Independence Day Fireworks!

Trollbeads Big Earth and Wings of Freedom are both on sale at Trollbeads USA!

Fireworks display. We always go to two to three shows each year.

This was my Sunday stack. We celebrated the 4th of July weekend by going out for dinner and visiting the Field of Honor to honor fallen soldiers.

Ohm Beads is running a special, purchase $120+ and receive an Ohm Bangle of your choice. My favorite Ohm bangle is the Dirty Twisted Bangle pictures above and below. For those in search of Ohm Beads Heart of Stone, Ohm Beads USA has them in stock! Want to take advantage of this great promo? Visit Ohm Beads USA here, to shop!

Field of Honor. So very sad seeing all the flags and yellow ribbons, though I think it’s wonderful that my small town does this each year.

Here are a few other red, white and blue combinations!

I always enjoy making holiday bracelets. I find it’s so much fun to do a themed bracelet.

Do you make bracelets to celebrate holidays? If so, what are your favorite holidays to do theme bracelets?


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