Ohm Beads Love Kills Review

Today on Beadsaholic we have a review of the February 2017 Bead of the Month, Love Kills by Ohm Beads, released on February 1st.

Love Kills comes in a wooden box, on a leather cord, rose petals and authenticity card. There are only 333 of these, so very limited. I received 108 out of 333. Each piece is engraved with its own special serial number that matches the card.

Love kills. It kills the old you, forcing your new you to come out of its shell. Love kills. It kills prejudice, hate, and separation forcing you to be acceptive, understanding, and inclusive of the new you. Love kills. It kills the past, leaving you alone to face the presence of your true self. Love bares it all, making you feel helpless, vulnerable and open-hearted. There is nothing you can do to protect yourself from love – it comes quietly, uninvited, when you least expect it. Surrender to experience true love. Let the Love Kill the old you.

Top of the box has Ohm and the symbol on it and lifts like a chest.

This is a large focal bead. Measuring approximately 15 w x 16 h x 24 d. It has 3 holes, one on each side to tread a bracelet through and one on top of the head to thread an Ohm Beads Ball Necklace or a fantasy necklace made by other brands.

I’ve included photos from every angle.

As you can see the face is very detailed with large heart eyes, nose and teeth, jaw line and chin.

I love that the holes on the side of the head looked to be a piece of the skull broken, each side is different.

For me Skulls have a special meaning. I see them as a celebration of life, to live life to the fullest and never take a moment for granted. I see them as a celebration of the life of a loved one who has now passed.  I find the culture surrounding both the Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and the Catholic Holiday All Souls and All Saints to be very intriguing. They truly are a way to honor our loved ones.  I usually make a skull bracelet to wear November 1 & 2, which marks the day of both Holidays.

You can see the cracks in the skull which gives this skull lots of detailing.

Bottom of Love Kills is open, but don’t let that fool you, this is a heavy solid piece and allows room for lots of imaginative play. I like that the ball from the Ball Necklace made by Ohm Beads hides up inside the skull.

Here I’ve went for a dark look. You can see Love Kills makes a great focal and is a bit larger than Heart of Stone and Open your Heart from Ohm Beads. I really love this combination and will put this together to wear often.

On the bangle, you can really tell the size comparison to both Heart of Stone and Open Your Heart.

I think it mixes well with the Dark Soul and Smoke on the Water glass by Ohm Beads.

Of course, this is one of my favorite ways to wear Love Kills! On a Dirty Ball Necklace with the Princess Crown from Trollbeads.

Love Kills with his Trollbeads Crown on the Ball Necklace compliments my Skull and Crowns bracelets nicely, I think! As you can see the crown sits perfectly on Love Kills.

Mixes well with Ohm Beads barrels. I wore this lovely combo for Memorial Day.

Here I’ve paired it with some Ogerbeads on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle alongside X by Trollbeads.

I’ve included a photograph of my entire skull collection, as you can see Love kills is the mother of all skulls! If you love skulls like I do, this is a must have for any collector!

Ohm Beads made a second smaller skull, Love Wounds in hopes of satisfying the mass. That way if you are not a fan of the limited-Edition Love Kills, you could buy the smaller non-limited Love Wounds. Both seen here in this photo from Ohm Beads.

Both Skulls are still available at Ohm Beads USA, Love Wounds is part of the regular collection, however Love Kills is very limited at this point and could sell out any day now. So, if Love Kills is on your wish list I would get it while you can at retail through Ohm Beads. Love Kills retails for $155 and Love Wounds retails for $55.


Want to shop now? Click the Ohm Beads banner!

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What are your thoughts of Ohm Beads Love Kills? Do you have this bead or is it on your wish list?

XO, Paula



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