Game of Thrones Inspired

On Beadsaholic today, I wanted to do a theme inspired post, with the much-anticipated season premiere of Games of Thrones on July 16th I choose a Game of Thrones theme since I of course needed a bracelet to celebrate the season return!

I’m sure as the season goes on I’ll do a few different bracelets with this theme in mind. However, here is the first of the season!

As I went through my bead box I tried to pick beads that reminded me of Games of Thrones. Royalty, castles, towers, wolves, dragons, magic, winter, and medieval times.

List of beads above, starting at the crown moving clockwise.

  • Cristy Cali Crown Couture Charm, retails $25.50 on SALE! You can purchase it here.
  • Elfbeads Ocean Storm (Retired)
  • Redbalifrog Baby Dragon Frankie, retails $37. You can purchase it here.
  • Artisan Glass
  • Redbalifrog Book of Spells, retails $33. You can purchase it here.
  • Artisan Glass
  • Redbalifrog Night Owl, retails $33. You can purchase it here.
  • Trollbeads Blue Tigers Eye Stone $63. You can purchase it here.
  • Redbalifrog Dragon, retails $33. You can purchase it here.
  • Trollbeads Galaxy Unique
  • Trollbeads The Seer (Retired)
  • Trollbeads Galaxy Unique
  • True Beadz Roots (LE- Collector’s item)
  • Trollbeads Sapphire stone, retails $170. You can purchase it here.
  • True Beadz True Towers (LE – Collector’s item)
  • Artisan Glass
  • Novobeads Heart Gem Cross, retails $44. You can purchase it here.
  • Artisan Glass
  • Eske Storm Four Fox, retails $61.35. You can purchase it here.
  • Elfbeads Ocean Storm (Retired)
  • Redbalifrog Ouroboros Bali Style, retails $33. You can purchase it here.
  • Redbalifrog Bubbles Stopper, retails $26. You can purchase it here.
  • Redbalifrog Star Lock, retails $58. You can purchase here.

For those who don’t want to order Trollbeads, Redbalifrog, Elfbeads and True Beadz from the USA, some of the above beads are available at these four retailers in Europe.

Below is one of my most favorite Dragons by Redbalifrog. I have shared several photos from different angles to show the beautiful details of this bead.

I also went with dark blues and grey to represent winter, because “Winter is Coming”.

As I went through my bead box with this theme in mind I knew I needed dragons. You can’t have a Game of Thrones theme without dragons! I have three dragons which represent Daenery’s three dragons Drogon, Rahaegal and Viserion.

I love his wings and tail.

The baby of the bunch is curled up, ready for his nap. Redbalifrog Baby Dragon Frankie has beautiful ruby colored eyes.

In the photo below you can see the Crown by Cristy Cali and Baby Dragon Frankie by Redbalifrog up close.  The Couture Crown represents royalty.

I love this photo, looks so medieval time.

Here you can see the third and last Dragon, Ouroboros Bali Style by Redbalifrog along with the Four Fox by Eske Storm. The Four Fox remind me of wolves.

Ouroboros Bali Style has beautiful green stone eyes.

Of course, you need a True Towers by True Beadz to represent the towers and castles with in Game of Thrones! I added the Novobeads Heart Gem Cross mainly because it has a bit of a medieval feel to it.

I thought of Roots by True Beadz right away. Mainly because of the old-world look to it and the word Roots to me reminds me of family. The many different Roots of Game of Thrones.

I choose The Seer by Trollbeads to be the focal bead. In Game of Thrones Seers are called Greenseers, the name is given to people who have the magical gift to perceive the future. Known Greenseers were Bran Stark, Hodor and the Three-Eyed Raven.  I truly need a Raven for this combo, too.

Another up close of The Novobeads Heart Gem Cross and Eske Storm Foxes.

I have added the Night Owl by Redbalifrog, not sure why, but it reminds me of their walks through the woods.  Also added the Book of Spells by Redbalifrog to represent the different types of Magic in Game of Thrones.

Wrist Shot!

There are several beads on my wish list that would go perfectly in this theme and maybe soon I can give a review of those as well. I hope this bracelet gives some inspiration and I would love to be inspired! If you have a Game of Thrones bracelet please tag me on Instagram or Facebook and #beadsaholic, I would love to see your creations!

So that’s a wrap. What do you think of this Game of Thrones bracelet? Do you watch Game of Thrones? What beads do you think would be perfect for this theme? I look forward to reading your feedback!






2 responses to “Game of Thrones Inspired

  1. Hi! This is my first time being here at your site. I absolutely ❤ your take on this GOT inspired bracelet, beautiful! The color blue you picked also seems to be the theme for the upcoming season of GOT, too. ☺

    My hubby and I are huge fans of the show, we’ve been watching since day one. And, of course cannot wait for the season to begin here in the USA!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations. ☺


  2. Hey I love your bracelet too. I’m new to your blog and very glad that I found it. But I highly suggest that you check out some of Faerybeads’ charms. They have some awesome designs that would be perfect for GOT themed bracelets and necklaces.


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