Today Beadsaholic has a preview of a much-anticipated bead, the Ohm Beads Baby Argh!! This bead cannot get any more adorable! With the popularity of the original bead of the month Argh, which was much larger, I think Baby Argh will be just as popular! The good news is Baby Argh will be a part of the regular collection, so, everyone will have a chance to get one if they would like.  Baby Argh is available for preorder at some retailers and will be available at all retailers on September 1st. This bead will retail for $85.

OHM – BABY ARGH – Description

An unhappy diver spent his days doing… nothing. Argh at life. Argh at responsibilities. Argh at everything! – he thought. If he could only find a treasure – then there would be money, fame and happiness! #WishfulThinking

One day while diving he found a pirate shipwreck and a half-open treasure chest nearby. Inside the chest was sand. Argh! Someone got here before me – he thought. As he reached in a tiny octopus scurried out spraying him in an inky cloud. Mother… Argh! – he thought and as he tried to swim away.

He fumbled around inside the chest for a while before finding a tiny bottle. What the… Argh?!? – he thought. Disappointed with finding no other treasures, he returned to the surface with the bottle in hand. There was a note inside the bottle that read:

Ahoy Faithful Explorer,

Yur unhappy because ya think yur alone. Ya live apart!! Ya hunt for more. More fame, mor’stuff, mor’everythin’ BUT why do you Argh at everythin’?

Know this: no valuables get kept. Ya can’ bring anything wit’ya when ya die. Death might tap on your shoulder anny moment. Ya only have time for dem ya love; yur life; yur family; yur friends. Don’t Argh!

You have already found your treasure. Your true treasure are your loves. Now – do something, you lazy Argh! #DoSomething

Over all, I find this bead to be a must have, at least for myself. I missed out on the BOTM Argh and I don’t plan on missing this one! If you have the larger Argh, this could be his baby 🙂

Ohm Beads Baby Argh will be available at Ohm Beads on September 1st. However, the following retailers should have it up on their websites for preorders in the next few hours.

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Featured Retailers!

Pianeta Beads – Italy 

Bead Fanatic – Spain


Generous Gems

Artisan Bead Boutique

Great Lake Boutique


Pianeta Beads – Italy

Bead Fanatic – Spain

Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France


Exclusive Bead Store

Joseph Welch


As always, I love hearing your feedback! So, tell me, am I the only one totally in love with this bead or do you love it, too? Do you plan on ordering this bead?






4 responses to “OHM – BABY ARGH Preview

  1. Love him! I missed out on the original Argh, but this one will fit better on a bracelet. Looks like he will go on the ball necklace too! 🙂


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