Musically Inspired – Featuring Ohm Beads

Today on Beadsaholic not only am I inspired by music, but inspired by the upcoming Solar Eclipse! Recently I received two beads from Ohm Beads the Freedom Machine and Tetrahedron, both will be reviewed today and I will show you how I will be wearing them during the Solar Eclipse in August.

When I first held Ohm Beads Tetrahedron I instantly thought of Pink Floyd’s iconic album cover from their album The Dark Side Of the Moon. I envisioned it between Ohm Beads Dark Soul and a rainbow bead. I don’t have Ohm Beads newly released Rainbowed so, I went with Trollbeads Celebrate Life, which I think works perfectly. Of course, it needed a moon and Ohm Beads Luna is perfect for this combination! If you don’t have the Ohm Beads Luna Redbalifrog also makes a Luna Moon that will work as well, you can see it here.

All that is now

All that is gone

All that’s to come

and everything under the sun is in tune

but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

Wrist shot! This will be my Stack for this year’s Solar Eclipse. If you would like to learn more about the Solar Eclipse in the US, you can do so by clicking here.

Ohm Beads Tetrahedron is part of the Ohm Beads collection Sacred Geohmetry. Below is the description given by Ohm.

OHMs Sacred Geohmetry is based on five basic forms also known as Platonic Solids – shapes which form part of Sacred Geometry: tetrahedron (pyramid), hexahedron (cube), octahedron (double inverted pyramid), dodecahedron, and Icosohedron. The names are derived from the number of sides each shape has: 4, 6, 8, 12, and 20 respectively.

Element: Fire
Chakra: 3 – Solar Plexus
Color: Yellow
Represents: balance, stability, personal power, self-esteem, acceptance.

The Tetrahedron – also called the Triangular Pyramid – contains 4 faces, 4 vertices and 6 edges. Each face is triangular.

I’m sure you can see now why this bead is so perfect in a Pink Floyd themed!

I couldn’t just stop at a bangle combo, I also wanted to do a bracelet combo with all that reminds me of Pink Floyd, so here is what I came up with. Which is your favorite bangle or bracelet? I have taken photos at difference angles so that you can see each bead up close.

Of Course, Ohm Beads Tetrahedron and Luna were first choices but I needed more than that to fill up a bracelet. I used Ohm Beads dirty bracelet so, I had no rainbows that would fit. I decided that Ohm Beads Purple Haze and Dreamscape would also work well in this combo, since they have a bit of a psychedelic feel to them. I paired these up with two Ohm Beads Dark Souls.

You can’t have a music bracelet from the 1970’s – 1980’s without Ohm Beads Freedom machine! I was rather young when Pink Floyd came out but I think their music can be appreciated at any age. I get a bit nostalgic when I see Ohm Beads Freedom Machine, as it brings back memories of my youth in the 1980’s. I never went anywhere without a Walkman and my favorite cassette tapes. Being a teenager there is nothing better when the world is crashing in then to throw on a pair of headphones and get lost in the music. Times don’t change much, even now I love to put on my headphones and turn it up! The only difference is, it’s my wireless beats and either iPhone or iPad. Instead of a mix tape it’s a digital play list.

What says I love music more than Redbalifrog’s Love the Music and Music Scroll!

I also thought Redbalifrog’s When Pigs Fly would perfectly represent the flying pigs that were used as stage props in many of Pink Floyd’s live performances and is on the cover of their album Animals.

Most people are familiar with Pink Floyd’s album The Wall, I’m sure this is the album that introduced me to the band in the early 1980’s, which brings me to the next bead I chose for this bracelet, Ohm Beads Hammered. Hammers are an iconic symbol for Pink Floyd and was seen in the music video Another Brick In The Wall. As most know Pink Floyd wrote a lot about their political views. Hammers and pigs symbolized fascist who destroyed.

Here is the full view of the bracelet. I love how well all the brands play together. List of beads below the photo.

Starting on the top right side and going clockwise.

  • Pandora Stardom Clip (Retired)
  • Ohm Beads Purple Haze (Collector’s item) However check with Pianeta Beads on Facebook for availability.
  • Redbalifrog When Pigs Fly retails for $33 / €28.50 / £25.50 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Ohm Beads Dreamscape retails for €39 and is available at Pianta Beads.
  • Redbalifrog Love the Music retails for $33 / €28.50 / £25.50 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Ohm Beads Dark Soul (2E) retails for $40 / €34 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Ohm Beads Freedom Machine retails for $40 / €34 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Ohm Beads Purple Haze (Collector’s item)
  • Ohm Beads Luna (Collector’s item)
  • Ohm Beads Dreamscape retails for €39 and is available at Pianta Beads.
  • Ohm Beads Tetrahedron retails for $35 / $34 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Ohm Beads Dark Soul (2E) retails for $40 / €34 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Redbalifrog Music Scroll retails for $33 /€28.50 / £25.50 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Ohm Beads Dreamscape retails for €39 and is available at Pianta Beads.
  • Ohm Beads Hammered retails for $25 / €26 (Scroll down for retailers)
  • Ohm Beads Purple Haze (Collector’s item)
  • Pandora Stardom Clip (Retired)

 ↑ Wrist Shots! ↓

Ohm Beads Freedom Machine – If you grew up in the 1980’s then you can’t feel any more nostalgic then when you see a cassette tape. Remember all the mixed tapes? I’m sure when you think of a mixed tape you think of that person you had a crush on forever ago! A cassette gives you freedom to take your music with you and listen to it anywhere on a portable tape player.

These two combos were a lot of fun for me and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Below is a list of retailers just in case you saw anything you just couldn’t live without!

Ready to Shop, click this link and it will lead you to Ohm Beads.

Affiliate Link


Featured Ohm Beads Retailers 

Pianeta Beads – Italy 

Bead Fanatic – Spain


Europe Ohm Beads Retailers 

Star Bijou – Germany

Pianeta Beads – Italy 

Bead Fanatic – Spain

nyLes Trouvailles d’Anne – France


Want to shop for one of the Redbalifrog beads? Click the banner below to be redirected to Redbalifrog USA.


Featured Redbalifrog Retailers

Pianeta Beads – Italy 

Bead Fanatic – Spain



Europe Redbalifrog Retailers

Star Bijou – Germany

Bead Fanatic – Spain

Pianeta Beads by II Diamante – Italy

Les trouvailles d’Anne – France

Girlie Go – UK


For those wanting to shop Trollbeads can do so by clicking on the following banner for Trollbeads USA

Affiliate Link


Featured Trollbeads Retailers 

Bead Fanatic – Spain


Europe Trollbeads Retailers

Star Bijou – Germany

Girle Go – UK

Bead Fanatic – Spain


As always, I value your thoughts and would love to hear your feedback, you can leave me a message below or on Facebook or Instagram. Which combo did you like best? Do you like musically inspired combos? What songs would you like to make a bracelet to represent?






2 responses to “Musically Inspired – Featuring Ohm Beads

    • Thank you Trish, I completely agree sharing a play list isn’t the same as a mixed tape. I can’t help but get nostalgic when I see a cassette tape for this very reason. One of the many things the 80’s gave our generation!


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