Spirit Beads Dragon Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Spirit Beads Lucky Dragon, Dragonpart and Dragontail.  These three beads are sold individually and together they form a full Dragons head, body and tail.  I know a lot of brands have come up with different dragons over the years however, Spirit Beads has really thought outside the box with the design of their unique dragon and allows more creativity when designing a bracelet.

Spirit Beads Lucky Dragon comes in shiny or matte finish and is the head of the dragon. This bead looks great with or without the rest of the body. I adore the details of his long snout, vicious teeth and pointy ears.  I have included several images at different angles so that you may see the entire bead.  Lucky Dragon retails for €68 which includes vat.

At this angle you can really see the detail of Lucky Dragon’s teeth!

Spirit Beads Dragonpart is the midsection part of the Dragon’s Body. As you will see in the following images the scale detailing is rather nice. You could also possible mix the body and tail with other heads as well, the creativity is endless with these body parts. Dragonparts retails for €42 which includes vat.

Spirit Beads Dragontail is the bottom part of the dragon and tapers some towards the end, you will see that the tail comes up and curls slightly on the body. Each part goes perfectly together. I have included images to show each side of this bead.  Dragontail retails for €42 which includes vat.

I have been playing and coming up with different combinations with the Spirit Beads Dragon the last few days and below you will see lots of photographs of different combinations I have put together. Some I will be sure to place together again to wear!

This combination was my first and I wore it the first few days after receiving the Spirit Beads Dragon. I love the two artisan stones with the Spirit Beads Dragon on an Ohm Bangle.

Wrist shot of the above bangle.

This is a combination of the Spirit Beads Dragon, Sakura, Trollbeads Ambers and Redbalifrog Australian Gum Leaves and the retired Frangipani. This is one of my favorite combinations that I placed together and will wear this fall.

With this design, I went with a Daenerys Game of Thrones vibe. Since she is a girl I added flowers, Glass by Trollbeads and silvers are Trollbeads Lover’s Faith, Redbalifrog Frangipani, Frangipani Forever and Spirit Beads Sakura. For royalty I added a crown by Charmed Memories and True Tower by True Beadz, faceted black glass is Trollbeads Sahara Nights, Trollbeads matte Ambers, Ohm Beads Dark Soul and of course, Spirit Beads Dragon.

The following two photos of the Spirit Beads Dragon combo includes Trollbeads Red Bubbles, Gold Silver Trace, Spirit Beads Lucky Coin around his neck and Stoppers by Redbalifrog.

The next three photos I played and came up with different red combinations with a bit of Asian inspiration.

I love the chubbiness of True Beadz and think they work perfectly with the Spirit Beads Dragon.

Of course, Trollbeads work perfectly with the Dragon especially if you have a Longevity or Scales.

As you can see even Ohm Beads Barrel shape looks nice as part of the Dragon’s body.

I’m girly, I know, but I can’t help but love this combo! Trollbeads Scales and Mother’s Rose with the Spirit Beads Dragon.

Another combo I love and will wear again. The Dragon is paired with Trollbeads Mother’s Rose and Ohm Beads Dark Soul.

I love how the Lucky Coin really brings out the gold flakes in True Beads Hygge.

Though I prefer just one stone or glass between body parts as you can see you could place as many beads between as you want and it looks to be part of the Dragon.

You can also give your Dragon a flower necklace 😀

Over all, I truly love this Dragon, I love how you can use the head on a bracelet or replace the head with the Spiritual Dragon from Trollbeads along side the Spirit Beads Dragonpart and Dragontail. The three beads have great detailing and weight for the price and for those of us who live outside of Europe can exclude vat and get these three beads at an even greater savings. I also, want to note that Spirit Beads come in two different core sizes 4 mm which fits your smaller bracelet systems like Trollbeads and 4.5 mm that fit larger bracelet systems like Pandora. There is a drop down menu when ordering to choose the size you would like.

Spirit Beads ships world wide. If you would like to Shop with Spirit Beads you may do so by clicking the banner below.


I so hope you all loved this photo packed review! As always, I value your feedback, leave me a comment below! What do you think of Lucky Dragon, Dragonpart and Dragontail from Spirit Beads? How would you wear these three beads?








5 responses to “Spirit Beads Dragon Review

  1. Wow!! Great review , Paula!! I really like the dragon and how you used him in so many different ways. I have to think about getting him now. Sometimes I hate reading your blog!! LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I received my dragon parts in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I just love them. I would like to sit and try some different combinations when I have a chance, but I agree with you. The beads are very versatile. Love those barrel shaped beads!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love the barrel shape, too. Oh you are going to have so much fun with these! I went a little overboard, while playing as you can see by the tons of photos. But the dragon is just so neat. I think I’ll try it on a necklace next. I would love to hear or see some of the ideas you come up with when you get a chance to play.


  3. I was on tgevfence, but you have converted me. I have been thinking about the Spirit Beads dragon for a while. I love him with a bead between each part!


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