Happy OHMversary GIVEAWAY!

Thank you everyone for entering the contest and for being a part of Ohmily and Beadsaholic! I have truly enjoyed reading your responses and look forward to more giveaways here on Beadsaholic in the future! Much love to you all.

We have a winner! Congrats! Random . Org has chosen Deidrecast as our lucky winner,  Please send me a message or email with your address and bead preference. You may choose a current stock bead up to $55 in value, this excludes limited edition beads. Visit Ohm Beads USA to pick your bead out.



Giveaway is CLOSED

I will announce the Winner late afternoon on August 9th, after I have had a chance to go through your comments and pick a winner randomly using random . org. I look forward to reading all of your comments! XO, Paula


I look forward to hearing about your Ohm Beads treasures! Be sure to share Beadsaholic’s Facebook post or Instagram post and comment below to enter the giveaway! The contest will run for 24 hours, the entire day of August 8th! I will announce a random winner on August 9th, make sure you are following Beadsaholic on Facebook or Instagram, as I will announce winner here on the blog and on social media. Prize is an Ohm Beads of your choice up to $55, limited edition are excluded from the giveaway and it must be current stock on the Ohm Beads USA website.

Be sure to add your Instagram or Facebook name in your comment!

Good Luck!




205 responses to “Happy OHMversary GIVEAWAY!

  1. My first bead is the Mighty Bear, it reminds me of my husband, Aloysius. His goofy grin and his stockiness – perfectly reflected by that little bear.

    I used to wear that bead the most often, but recently strung it together with lava beads as a focal piece for him to wear.

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    • Oh Christine! I am SO very happy for you! Yes, you are very lucky to have a SOL and this bead will have such wonderful memories for you! I hope to see your wrist photos on the day of the eclipse! Congrats sweetie!


  2. I have a lot of Ohm beads. Some old, some new, some pricey, some inexpensive older spacers. However, my favorite Ohm bead is Love Cage. I only have one of them but it is my most treasured bead. When I think about love – the kind that makes your head spin and heart sing and I take a deep breath, I love the way it makes me feel inside – like my insides are going to burst out of my rib cage! To me, this cute, tiny bead is the essence of creativity. I just smile and feel good inside every time I look at it!

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    • Reading your description of Love Cage, made me feel good in side! 🙂 ❤ Check the top of the page, You are our lucky random . org winner! Congrats sweetie! XO


  3. My most treasured Ohm beads are Feeling Knotty, Drops of Life, and Finding Time. I love that these three are so detailed. They mean so much to me, I always wear them.

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  4. My most treasured Ohm beads are Feeling Knotty, Drops of Life, and Finding Time. I love that these three are so detailed. They mean so much to me, I always wear them.

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  5. Love all my Ohm beads so much! Cute UFO was my first so it holds a very special place in my heart. Speaking of hearts, Love Hurts and Love Stinks are up there, too. Along with Love Cage, lol!

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  6. My absolutele favorite Ohm bead is Hug Me. It holds the memory of my beloved childhood teddy bear, which I lost in a fire. Second to that is Love Stinks

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  7. My favorite OHM Bead is the Ohm my god 2.0 – a gift from my mother ❤
    Also my new Grand Prix – a lot more details than on the pictures. And I love the oblique position. The first motorcycle Bead which is very thought out.

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  8. Love Cage, Deadhead, and the RAWR collection are my most treasured beads. The latter included my first OHM bead (T-Rex) and it was what drew me to the brand originally. Love Cage and Deadhead were long retired and they were hard fought to obtain finally.

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  9. I fell in love with Ohm after seeing them in person for the first time, when my bead friend Trudy came over for coffee and beadtalk! Up to then, I was just a 3 brand kinda girl 😂😂 since that meeting I have bought a few beads, ordered even more, and have a never ending wishlist on top! My favorite so far, must be Eggnog as I really enjoy Christmas 🎄
    I was lucky too get that bead and Cold Milk as well! The hunt for LE beads continues ☺️☺️

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    • Lovely store! It’s always nice to have friends to influence us 😉 I’m so glad she introduced you to this great brand! Yes, that is the bad thing, our forever long want list hahaha


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