Elfbeads Peace, Stones and World Everchange Release

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of three new releases from Elfbeads!

I’m sure some of you have seen this image floating around social media, this is Elfbeads new silver Peace. This open works design has peace signs and hearts all the way around. Elfbeads Peace is available today and will be part of Elfbeads regular collection. Peace retails for $31 / €28.

I know many of you have been excited with the news of the launch of Elfbeads Limited Edition Stones! There are three different size stones, Stone Donut, Stone World, Stone Barrel and they come in a variety of stone colors. All stones are buy two get one free. These are only available while supplies last.

Photos below were provided by Beads Fanatic to show live photos of a variety of Stone Barrels available. Elfbeads Stone Barrels retail for $36/€33.

The following two photos show a variety of Stone World which retails for $33/€30 and Stone Donut which retails for $31/€28.

Also launching today are a variety of Elfbeads Limited Edition World Everchanges. These will retail for $41/€37.

Beads Fanatic have a great selection of Elfbeads World Everchanges! The following live photos are provided by Beads Fanatic of their current stock. All are available on their website starting today.

Overall, I think this is a great release from Elfbeads. I’m particularly excited to see the Peace bead and some of the new World Everchanges. This looks to be a great release and all are available at Beads Fanatic! If you saw anything you just can’t live without click the banner below to be redirected to Beads Fanatic to shop. They offer free shipping within Europe and offer vat free for those living outside of Europe.

As always, I love hearing from my readers. Do you like this release from Elfbeads? Do you see anything you need in your life?





4 responses to “Elfbeads Peace, Stones and World Everchange Release

  1. Oh I see some fantastic beads there! Very exciting and I love the new lock too! I love the idea of the different shapes of the stones. A mix can make a great bracelet!

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  2. I would love to buy some stones, but I’m planning on buying a Trollbeads bangle and some stoppers (40% discount at a local store), so… priorities… it will be a hard decision, especially since the stones are LE

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