Spirit Beads Limited Edition Kokeshi

Today on Beadsaholic we have a close look at the Limited Edition Kokeshi by Spirit Beads.

Spirit Beads Kokeshi is limited to only two hundred beads (200), each bead is engraved with its own number. This bead is sterling silver, weighs 9 grams and is approximately 16.5 mm x 9 mm.  She is adorable with her hair sticks holding her bun up and she is wearing a beautiful floral kimono.  I have taken multiple up-close photos to show her details at every turn. LE Kokeshi retails for €48

Kokeshi is a popular doll with a large head, cylindrical body and no arms or legs. Kokeshi Dolls are a popular souvenir for tourist in Northern Honshū, Japan. They have been made for about 150 years and were originally made as toys for children.

I of course had to wear this beautiful Kokeshi while visiting a local Japanese restaurant with my family. I’m sure they don’t see too many take off their jewelry and start playing with their food to take photos 😀 The sushi was phenomenal!

I love reds mixed with Asian themes which is one of the reasons I bought the Red Bubbles and Kimono set from Troll beads. The Red Bubbles are red core with golden clear glass that go perfectly in this theme. All three silvers are Spirit Beads Lucky Monk, LE Kokeshi and Kokeshi 2.0.  I adore these together.

Spirit Beads work well with True Beadz, too. Below you will see Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko Silver, True Beads Hygge, Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi, True Beadz Hygge and the Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko Brass.

Here I have placed the Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi with two Mother Roses by Trollbeads and the Rose and Lotus by Ohm Beads.  I really love this combo, I imagine her walking through a beautiful garden.

Of course, this is one of my favorite ways to wear Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi with Trollbeads Cherry Blossom uniques.

Here I have paired the Spirit Beads Kokeshi with Ohm Beads Purple Haze and two beads from the Trollbeads Kimono Kit.

I am so in love with this combo. The Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi fits in perfect with all my Asian themed beads. Here I have her with glass from the Trollbeads Kimono set, as well as a generic Bowl of Noodles and Dim Sum by Persona.

Since, I showed you all many combinations using the bangle I thought I’d do a bracelet as well. Here I have placed my Trollbeads Kimono glass beads with (starting on the right of the lock) Spirit Beads Kokeshi 2.0, Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko, Generic Bowl of Noodles, Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi, Persona Dim Sum, Spirit Beads Lucky Monk, and Spirit Beads Sakura.

Now for some up-close photos of each part of the bracelet.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I adore Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi! Spirit Beads is such a fun line of beads and I have rather enjoyed their Asian theme in their collection so far and look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.

If you would like to browse and shop Spirit Beads Collection, click the banner below.

As always, I love reading your comments, so hit the comment button below and let’s discuss this brand! What do you think of Spirit Beads? Do you like the Kokeshi? Do you have a favorite?






4 responses to “Spirit Beads Limited Edition Kokeshi

  1. Dear…
    I love the LE Kokeshi limited so much. Please can you sale this for me. So many thanks.
    God bless to you and your family.
    Thanks very so much again.
    Best wishes
    Yen Doan

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