Ohm Beads Dark Shadow Spacers Preview

Today on Beadsaholic we have a preview of an upcoming release Dark Shadow Spacers by Ohm Beads!

Ohm Beads Dark Shadow Spacers is a re-release of the dirty finish Dark Shadow Spacers seen here. If you prefer silver rather than a dirty finish then this collection of spacers is perfect for you, all the same great designs but in a traditional oxidized silver finish. These are great throughout a bracelet, but I personally love to wear spacers like these in pairs on a bangle between stone or glass.

Ohm Beads PHOBIA

Phobia is perfect for all of you spider lovers! I personally love this spacer and I think I may need a pair! Ohm Beads Phobia retails for $30 /€30 /£25.


Working on a Steampunk bracelet? This would be the perfect addition! Ohm Beads Mech Tech retails for $30 /€30 /£25

Ohm Beads CORVUS

The skull of a Raven! This is a must have for any skull lover. Ohm Beads Corvus retails for $30 /€30 /£25


This bead has human skulls scattered around the bead and is a must have for any skull bead collector. Ohm Beads Catacombs retails for $30 /€30 /£25


The bead is studded all the way around. Ohm Beads Hot Topic retails for $30 /€30 /£25


This bead can work in so many different combos including Halloween or even a Christmas Carol bracelet! Ohm Beads Chained retails for $30 /€30 /£25

Over all, I think many of you who love to wear bangles or just love spacers in general will love this re-release Dark Shadow Spacers collection. Spacers are always nice to have on hand to add a little extra touch to a bracelet.

This collection is available for preorder today at participating retailers and will be available on Ohm Beads USA on release day September 28th, 2017.

Affiliate Link



USA Retailers

Artisan Bead Boutique

Generous Gems

Europe Retailers 

Star Bijou – Germany

Les trouvailles d’Anne – France

Joseph Welch – UK


As Always, I love to hear your thoughts! What do you think of the Dark Shadow Spacers? Do you have any of the dirty finish Dark Shadow Spacers?





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