Trollbeads Nature’s Promise – Autumn Sneak Peek!

Today on Beadsaholic we have a Sneak Peek of Trollbeads Autumn Collection Nature’s Promise.

Trollbeads Nature’s Promise is set to release on September 15, 2017, however, Trollbeads and participating retailers will start taking preorders on September 8th, 2017.  I do know that this release consists of two beautiful glass kits, two new stones, seven new silvers, three exciting spacers, two new locks, a ring and a bangle. This is a rather large release and I think most of you are going to love it. I don’t often like an entire release, but this is one of the best releases I’ve seen. I cannot wait to see live images of these in action! All photos used in this article were provided by Trollbeads.

Trollbeads Forest Life Kit –  This kit is dressed in beautiful autumn woodsy shades of color; each bead looks to be faceted which means they will catch light beautifully at each turn. This kit retails for $280 / €255

Trollbeads Forest Life will be available as a kit or individually. Individually they will retail for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Forest Glam is the perfect shades of color for Autumn a mix of cinnamon, cream and chocolate.

Trollbeads Voice of Wind has a very unique and elegant design.

Trollbeads Acorns is perfect for any woodsy autumn combination. This bead has what looks to be a black base with mauve and Peru brown.

Trollbeads Raindrops will be an easy bead to blend into different combos.

Trollbeads Glimpse of Green has a cream base with what looks to be a mossy green band that goes all the way around.

Trollbeads Willow Twigs is named after one of my favorite Trees. This bead has a very organic feel to it. Should prove to be a popular design.

Trollbeads Forest Secrets Kit – Have you ever taken a long walk through the forest just as leaves are starting to turn with the sun shining through the trees? This kit is pretty close to the beautiful colors you see just as Autumn is starting to show her face. This kit retails for $170 / €155

Trollbeads Forest Secrets will be available as a kit or individually. Individually they will retail for $34 / €31

Trollbeads Forest Mist is a rather interesting design reminds me of a harvest moon through trees. I really love this design and colors in this bead.

Leaf Fall is a glittery orange glass that speaks Autumn to me!

Trollbeads Sparkling Moss is another great beads with a beautiful moss colored green. This bead will be perfect Autumn, Spring and Summer!

Trollbeads Slumber is a cream based bead with different shades of green. Another bead that I think will work throughout the year.

Trollbeads Marble I’m sure will be a hit! This bead has an old troll feel to it.

Trollbeads Marble Dot is another one that reminds me of Trollbeads many years ago.

Trollbeads is introducing two new stones into the collection Strawberry Quartz and Cat’s Eye Quartz. Both Stone bead retails for $63 / €58

Trollbeads Strawberry Quartz I feel this stone will vary a good bit. I’m loving the shade of the stone pictured.

Trollbeads Cat’s Eye Quartz is a rather neutral stone and should be easy to combine into any Autumn theme.

Now for the silver beads! Below you will find seven new designs entering the collection. I am intrigued by some of these and am looking forward to their stories.

Trollbeads Leaves of Love is a beautiful heart shape covered in leaves. Leaves of Love retails for $46 / €42

Trollbeads Best of Both is a rather unique design with wings above a heart.  Best of Both retails for $31 / €28

Trollbeads Wise Owl is adorable and the perfect addition to any nature bracelet. Wise owl retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Shelter resembles poppy heads. Shelter retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Intertwined are hearts intertwined together. Intertwined retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Infinity is a lovely interlocked design. Infinity retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Shape of Magic is a rather intriguing design. I am anxious to see this design from different angles. Shape of Magic retails for $56 / €51

I am excited about these three new spacers entering the collection, especially the one that looks like a fox!

Trollbeads Capsule of Life Spacer is a really fascinating design, this is a stopper so, should be fun to play with on a bangle. Capsule of Life retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Sneaky Fox Spacer is my favorite design from this release. I adore foxes and I love that his is a stopper. Sneaky Fox Spacer retails for $46 / €42

Trollbeads Night Sky Spacer is a really neat abstract design and will fit into any theme. Night Sky Spacer retails for $31 / €28

I am also happy to see a couple of new locks entering the collection!

Trollbeads Trunk of Treasures Lock is the perfect addition to any nature themed bracelet. Trunk of Treasures retails for $56 / €48

Trollbeads Best of Both Lock has the same winged design as the bead to match. Best of Both Lock retails for $59 / €52

In this Autumn collection, there is also a new Star Ring of Change and a Star Bangle. Both are textured and what looks to be a star shape on the tips.

Trollbeads Star Ring of Change comes in sizes 51-60 which is roughly 5 1/4 – 9 1/2. Star Ring of Change retails for $76 / €69

Trollbeads Star Bangle is a staple in any collection. I love the texture of this bangle and for me this is a must have. When typing I prefer to wear bangles as they are more comfortable against the desk and keyboard. Star bangle comes in sizes XXS – L and retails for $127 / €115

Over all, I think this is a fantastic new collection from Trollbeads and I look forward to seeing it in live images and in person. I think this will prove to be a rather popular release for the Autumn season.

This is just a sneak peek today, however retailers will be taking preorders on September 8th, at that time we should have a full price list and all the lovely details on each bead. Items ordered on September 8th will not ship until release day on September 15th.

While waiting on the preorder, don’t forget that Trollbeads has a promotion currently going on that will end on August 21st. to show their appreciation to their customers they are offering a free gift with purchase and you may choose one of five different items when you spend $150+ in Trollbeads. This is available in all North America both online and in store.

As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts of the new collection Nature’s Promise from Trollbeads? Are you looking forward to any certain items out of this collection?





10 responses to “Trollbeads Nature’s Promise – Autumn Sneak Peek!

  1. It’s a strong collection, especially after seeing so little Trollbeads product this year. I saw the prices elsewhere and the faceted glass is higher than Uniques. The bangle is very stylized; great look! And I do like the pod bead and spacer. Thanks Paula! Along with everyone else, I have been waiting to see the Autumn collection.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, Dona, this is really a strong release. I can’t wait to see it in person and I’m most excited about the new bangle. Also, in the past faceted Beads have been a little higher than uniques. I think it has been a while since we have seen a faceted collection in a release. The Pod and Spacers are rather unique. I’m loving the Spacer in the few combos I’ve seen it in.


  2. Love the Fsll collection…the new facet glass kit is refreshing and unique ..and is complimented by 2nd glass kit relesse in color and form…Tbe silvers are interesting and love the stoppers ..The new gemstones will also blend well with both glass kits…like tbe new locks too..I see a new bracelet with this release snd maybe some left ovet for a bangle as I love the new one….

    Liked by 1 person

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