Redbalifrog Woodlands Release

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of a new and exciting release Woodlands from Redbalifrog!

Redbalifrog Woodlands release is available today, online and in store. I always look forward to Redbalifrog releases and this release is as exciting as I expected and more so! This collection consists of seven new items: three new silver beads, a stopper, a dangle, a lock and a pendant.

Bushy Tail Squirrel

 Among some of our ancient peoples, squirrels are praised for their industrious food gathering and courage. They are also honored as caretakers of the forest and Woodlands.

Redbalifrog’s Bushy Tail Squirrel is adorable and is holding his very own acorn. Retails for $33

Cherry Tree Blossom

In Japan, Cherry Blossoms symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming. They are also an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life.

Redbalifrog ‘s Cherry Tree Blossom is beautiful and elegant! Redbalifrog flowers are among my favorite beads, they are always nicely detailed. This is one that would look fantastic in pairs! Retails for $33

Guardian of the Nest

 Once in a while, tree fairies will take it upon themselves to adopt and look after other creatures and babies of the forest. This little guardian is protecting these three little eggs.

Redbalifrog’s Guardian of the Nest is magical and perfect for any woodlands bracelet. Inside, this beautifully detailed nest is a little fairy sleeping as it guards three eggs. Retails for $37

Log Stopper

 A round cross section of a fallen tree, this bracelet stopper gives your forest theme its finishing touches.

Redbalifrog’s Log Stopper is the perfect addition to this collection as well as many of Redbalifrog’s nature themed beads. Retails for $26

Maple Lovers Leaf

A single fallen maple leaf, swept from a tree and blown in the wind as a kiss from Mother Nature.

Redbalifrog’s Maple Lovers Leaf is beautifully designed. This dangle is full of details from the veins of the leaf to the carved-out heart in the middle. Retails for $33

Tree Branch Lock

The trees are alive.. lock up your bracelets and continue your Forest / Woodlands themes with this hand inspired branch.

Redbalifrog’s Tree Branch Lock is an amazingly unique and clever design! This lock holds your bracelet within his fingers. This is a must have for any nature or Halloween bracelet! Retails for $65

Tree of Life Pendent  

The heart and the soul of the forest, Mother to all trees and nature, this pendant detail both what’s above and below the surface of our beautiful trees.

Redbalifrog’s Tree of Life is a beautiful design and can be worn on a necklace or bracelet. Retails for $37

Over all, I feel this is going to be a popular release. I personally love every single piece from this release and look forward to playing!

If you are ready to shop this new and exciting collection from Redbalifrog, click the banner below to be redirected to Redbalifrog USA, or visit your favorite retailer.


Here are a few Redbalifrog Retailers

USA Retailers

Redbalifrog USA

Swiss Flower and Gift

Brown Dog Antiques

Hartwell House

Great Lakes Boutique

Europe Retailers

Bead Fanatic  Spain

Pianeta Beads by II Diamante Italy 

Star Bijou Germany 

Les trouvailles d’Anne France 

Girlie Go United Kingdom 


As always, I love hearing your thoughts on new releases. What do you guys think of Redbalifrog’s new release Woodlands? See anything you must have? Hit the comment button below and share your thoughts on this release.






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