Star Bijou Engravable Star Drum Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Star Bijou Star Drum.

Star Bijou introduced this engravable Star Drum back in May 2017. I fell in love instantly and think this bead has a lot to offer.  Mine has the Beadsaholic logo engraved on it, but you could use it as a memory bead for a loved one, a family bead with names of your children, a wedding date, a famous quote or even encouraging words.

Old Beadsaholic logo.

Above you will see the old Beadsaholic logo, as you can see in the following close-up photos that Star Bijou was able to engrave the photo on to the bead on both sides.  Also, you can see the beautiful ring of stars that frame this drum and the beveled edges on each end.

Here you can see the decorative end and the beveled edge, it is the same on each end of the bead.

My favorite way to wear the Star Bijou Star Drum is on a bangle with Trollbeads Star Beads on each side and either Trollbeads Oxidized stoppers or Redbalifrog Star stoppers.  This bead works perfectly mixed on a full bracelet, as well.

Wrist Shots!


Star Bijou Star Drum is compatible with most bracelet and bangle systems excluding screw end bracelets. Here I have it on an Ohm Beads Dirty Twisted with a pair of generic stoppers and I’ve stacked it with Spirit Beads, Trollbeads and Redbalifrog.

Video from Star Bijou showing the quote “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”.

Over all, I think this is the perfect keepsake, I truly love this bead and wear it often. I think it would be great for a themed bracelet with a favorite quote from a book, song or movie.

The Star Bijou Star Drum retails for €58, this price includes vat and shipping. If you live outside of Europe, vat will be deducted at Check out. If you would like to order the Star Drum or if you like any of the other beads or bangles featured in this article excluding retired beads, these items can also be found on the Star Bijou website. Click banner below to shop.

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on the Star Bijou Star Drum? What would you have engraved on this bead?





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