Preview of Fall for Peanuts by Persona

Today on Beadsaholic we have a preview of the new Fall for Peanuts collection from Persona!

Ok, so who doesn’t love the Peanuts? Snoopy and Woody of course are my favorites and I just can’t get enough of these cute beads! I am usually not a fan of a lot of crystals or enamel, however I really need the “It’s a Spooky Dogs Life”! Snoopy looks like he is sleeping with his wizard hat on, with a cute spider web adorning the corner of his house. So adorable!

It’s a Spooky Dogs Life retails for $50

Boo! is another silver and enamel bead with the word Boo and what looks to be a surprised Snoopy. This bead retails for $50

Spooky Snoopy is of course a vampire Snoopy inside a spider’s web. This beads retails for $50

Charlie Brown’s Zig Zag in Orange resembles Charlie Brown’s infamous outfit. This bead retails for $65

Comic Cube is another bead I just adore, each side has a little comic strip. Comic Cube retails for $40

Lucy the Psychiatrist brings back memories of watching the Peanuts as a child, I always loved this scene. This bead retails for $50

Fly High Charlie is a cute dangle of Charlie Brown flying his kite. This bead retails for $60

Over all, I think this is a cute collection. I know this collection isn’t for everyone, but I think many of you will love and want to add a few pieces to your collection. For myself, I need It’s a Spooky Dog’s Life!

If you would like to browse this collection or any of the other collections launching today, you may do so by clicking the banner below.

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As always, I love hearing from each of you. What do you think of the Peanuts by Persona collection? Do you have any of the Peanuts by Persona?





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