Spirit Beads Endless Knot Collection Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of the new collection Endless Knot from Spirit Beads.

This new collection from Spirit beads is a bit different from their normal Asian themed line that we love. Each bead would still fit in perfectly with the Asian line of beads, however I feel these beads will fit into many different types of combinations and have a bit of a Celtic feel to me. The collection introduces three new beads into their Spirit Beads line and they are as followed Endless Knot Barrel, Endless Knot Round and Endless Knot Dangle. I think they nicely complement each other and would look great all combined on a bracelet together.

Endless Knot Barrel – is beautifully done and would make the perfect focal bead. I personally would like this bead as a focal and then place an Endless Knot Round on each side of the bracelet! The possibilities are endless. Endless Knot Barrel is available today and retails for €48

I love how Spirit Beads has mixed their Asian themed line in with the Endless Knot collection in this combo. List of beads below photo.

On the above bracelet, you will find the following beads by Spirit Beads. Starting at the right, top and going clockwise.

  • Endless Knot Round
  • Lucky Monk
  • Endless Knot Round
  • Kokeshi
  • Endless Knot Round
  • Joyful Monkey
  • Endless Knot Barrel
  • Koi
  • Endless knot Round
  • Maneki-Neko
  • Endless Knot Round
  • Daruma

Endless Knot Round – is a beautifully detailed round bead, you can see the Endless Knot design as well as the beautiful embellished border. This bead is available today and retails for €45

That brings us to the last addition to the collection, Endless Knot Dangle. This dangle has the same Endless Knot design as the Endless Knot Barrel and Round beads. The bail has the Spirit Beads Logo. This dangle would be great as an addition to your bracelet or can be worn as a pendant. I personally like the addition of a dangle by the clasp on a full bracelet. Endless Knot Dangle is available today and retails for €48

Over all, I’m rather excited about this collection by Spirit Beads, as I love the Celtic feel to the Endless Knot design. I feel these will give lots of options when designing a bracelet. The Barrel would be great alone on a bangle, too.

If you are as smitten with this release as I am and would like to order any of the beads, you may do so by clicking the link below.

As always, I love hearing from you all. What do you think of the new collection of beads from Spirit Beads?





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