Spirit Beads Joyful Monkey Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of a new release from Spirit Beads!

Joyful Monkey –  is a continuance of the Asian inspired line of beads. Monkeys are known to ward off evil spirits. They symbolize the fun side of life, bringing joy, energy, luck and charm. Their symbolism has long been a part of both Buddhism and Shinto religions, both widely popular in Japan.

Joyful Monkey is available today and retails for €48

I just love the expression on his face!

A lot of great detailing of the fur.

He looks to be holding on to a piece of bamboo.

Over all, I think this Joyful Monkey is adorable! I find that Spirit Beads are well made, they are a nice size with a nice weight and I expect Joyful Monkey to be no different. I look forward to seeing this bead in person. It’s the perfect addition to an Asian theme, or the perfect bead for anyone who loves monkeys or nature in general.  Over the years I have often refer to my children as “my little monkeys” because of their playful nature, so for me this bead could symbolize my children.

If you would like to buy Joyful Monkey or would just like to browse the line, you may do so by clicking the link below.

As always, I love hearing your feedback. What do you think of Joyful Monkey by Spirit Beads? Do you have any of the Spirit Beads, yet? If so which is your favorite?





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