Ohm Beads Prayer Flags Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings the latest news about the Ohm Beads Prayer Flags.

Earlier today we had several previews of upcoming releases from Ohm Beads, at that time we did not have photos of the Prayer Flags, however we now have photos!!

Ohm Beads Prayer Flags – is a safety chain with lockable ends. On each lock you will see the words OM, MANI, PADME, and HUM which is a Tibetan Buddhist mantra prayer. Saying this prayer invokes benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig.

Traditionally Prayer flags are flown to promote peace, compassion, wisdom and strength. It is thought that as these flags fly in the wind they will spread these blessings. Each flag is a certain color and are lined in order. Below you will find the colors and meaning.

  • Blue symbolizes sky.
  • White symbolizes air.
  • Red symbolizes fire.
  • Green symbolizes water.
  • Yellow symbolizes earth.

On the backside of each flag there is a small symbol.

Over all, I think this is a nice idea. The thought is while wearing the flags each movement of the wrist would create and bring each of us inner peace, strength, wisdom and promote compassion.

Prayer Flags is not limited, each safety chain retails for $95/ € and is available for preorder at participating retailers, however release day isn’t until November 2nd, 2017.

Affiliate Link

Featured Retailers 

Beads Fanatic – Spain

Pianeta Beads – Italy

Perlen –  Denmark


USA Retailers

Artisan Bead Boutique

Generous Gems 

Europe Retailers 

Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France


As always, I love hearing your feedback. What do you guys think of the Prayer Flags? What are some of the things you do daily to invoke peace into your lives?






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