Ohm Beads Dirty Paper Bag Boogily Bead by Gus Fink -Preorder

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of a preorder for Ohm Beads and Gus Fink’s Dirty Paper Bag bead.

As many of you know who follow Ohm Beads or Ohm Stuff on Facebook, last weekend Gus Fink hosted a one-day special event at OHM Stuff which featured a limited-edition bead based on the character Paper Bag from the Boogily Heads line, these were limited to 111 pieces. While this bead is no longer available, Ohm Beads received feedback from the Ohimly community and since there was such a high demand, Ohm Beads and Gus Fink have decided to give everyone a chance to preorder a new design of Paper Bag. This design will be a dirty finish version of the Paper Bag character including a different engraving on the back, it will not be serialized, and will come in standard OHM packaging. No insert or signature will be included.

Preorders will begin today and will close on September 17th. Preorders will only be available at participating retailers and will not be available on Ohm Beads Website. Dirty versions of Paper Bag will not ship out until mid-November. These will retail for $50/47€

This is a photo from the event and will not be the same bead you will receive. You will receive a dirty version as detailed above. I will update with a photo of the mocked version once I receive it. However, the front of the bead will look like this but dirty.

Here is a list of my retailers. Not all have listed the preorders yet, so I will update this list as needed.

Featured Retailers 

Beads Fanatic – Spain

Pianeta Beads – Italy

Perlen –  Denmark


USA Retailers

Artisan Bead Boutique

Europe Retailers 

Star Bijou – Germany

Les Trouvailles d’Anne – France


I hope this is good news for the entire Ohmily community, but especially for those who didn’t get a Paper Bag bead from the event and truly wanted one. As always, I value your thoughts and would like to know if you plan to order the dirty version of Gus Fink’s Paper Bag bead?





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