Trollbeads Nature’s Promise Autumn Collection

Today on Beadsaholic is a review of Trollbeads latest collection Nature’s Promise.

Nature’s Promise collection consist of two glass kits, two stone beads, seven silver beads, three spacers, two locks, a ring and a bangle. All are available for preorder starting today at participating retailers. I was very excited to receive this collection, it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a while and I think this collection can be used year-round.

This first photo was taken outside and I have mixed the two glass kits and stones together to show how they flow.

The following two kit photos are both taken in an indoor studio.

Trollbeads Forest Life Kit – each bead in this kit is beautifully detailed and faceted. The kit retails for $280/ €255

Trollbeads Forest Secrets Kit – is such a fabulous kit. Some of these have that old school Trollbeads feel to them that many of us love. This kit retails for $170 / €155

I have taken indoor and outdoor photos of the Trollbeads Forest Life kit to give you a complete look at how these beads look in different settings. Individual retail is $56 / €51

Trollbeads Forest Glam– is a beautiful off white, copper glitter, a terra cotta orange, blue glitter and a khaki color. I really love this bead, it looks fantastic alone on a bangle or grouped together with other beads.  I have shared photos indoor and outdoor, but as most of you know I prefer to take my photos outside and feel that natural lighting gives the closest view of what the bead looks like in person.

Trollbeads Acorns – Is beautifully detailed with a black background and acorns that are a chestnut color, mauve and pink. This bead looks great mixed with all the other beads; however, the Strawberry Quartz and Forest Mist really bring the mauve/pink colors to life.  Here are photos both out/indoor.

Trollbeads Voice of Wind – is such an elegant bead. It has an almost basket weave design. This bead has a black base with Khaki swirls, which looks like it has a touch of mauve. Goes well in this collection.  As you can see in the second photo the indoor studio lights wash it out a bit.

Trollbeads Raindrops – has a black base with a mixture of white, khaki, and grey. This bead is hard to photograph and is much prettier in person. It is a neutral bead which will go with just about anything you place it with.

Trollbeads Willow Twigs – is such a unique bead, it has basically three layers of glass, core layer is pale mustard color, second layer with somewhat of a chiffon white and the top are moss colored twigs going around the bead.

Trollbeads Glimpse of Green– has a chiffon white core with a transparent pickle green strip down the middle all the way around, the transparency gives it a bit of depth. It is such a beautiful bead and will work for any season.

Trollbeads Forest Secrets retails individually for $34 / €31

Trollbeads Forest Mist – is my favorite bead from this kit, though I love them all, this one is mesmerizing and will be one that I will have to order a second to have a pair.  The only way I can really describe it, is that it looks like a beautiful sunset through naked tree branches. There are shades of yellow, purple, pinks and blue swirled together like a beautiful evening sky.  I have included two outdoor and one indoor photo to show its range of color. These do vary, so it’s probably best to pick by photo or in store.

Trollbeads Sparkling Moss – the name says it all! This beautiful bead sparkles and glows. It is a moss green with what looks to be an amber top coat of glass with glitter throughout. It is a show stopper and another one that I need in pairs!

Trollbeads Slumber – the outdoor evening photo was the best of the photos I could get of this bead. It is such a pretty bead and reminds me of lemons and limes. This bead will work year-round. I have not had a chance to try it yet with my lime colored Trollbeads, but I am looking forward to playing more with this bead.

This bead reflects light and will work great in an Autumn theme but I’m really looking forward to using this bead in the Spring.

Trollbeads Leaf Fall – goes well with the Forest Glam. It’s a beautiful bead, however I wish it was a little more transparent with more glitter floating through out like the Sparkling Moss bead. It does fit well in this collection and is great color for Autumn, I suspect it will be a great bead to use for a Halloween combo, too.

Trollbeads Marble – I suspect this will be a popular bead, this is one of the beads that reminds me of older Trollbeads. This bead goes really well with Trollbeads Marble Dot and Willow Twigs.  As you can see it has an ivory base with shades of brown, umber and caramel.

Trollbeads Marble Dot –  There be GOLD!  When I first saw the stock photos for this bead I thought it was just going to be a white mixed with ivory, with black dots, but to my surprise those black outlined dots have a beautiful gold glitter sparkle inside! This bead will vary bead to bead, therefore would be best to pick out by photo or in store if you can. This bead gives me an old school Troll feel. I love it and I think many of you will, too, especially those who have collected for years.

Trollbeads Cat’s Eye Quartz – Is such a beautiful bead and is very hard to photograph the cat’s eye, therefore photos do not do this bead justice. This stone is the perfect colors for Autumn.

Trollbeads Strawberry Quartz – I feel in love with this stone instantly! It mixes so well with the Forest Mist and Acorns. I hear this one varies from light to dark, so if you prefer a certain shade I would pick this one out in person. I didn’t pick mine, however it is sublime!

Trollbeads Shape of Magic – is a beautiful open works design. This is a larger bead, but still fits nicely between beads. I also like wearing it alone on a bangle with traditional oxidized stoppers to really show off the sides of the bead. Shape of Magic retails for $56 / €51


Trollbeads Intertwined – is a coin style bead. I have worn this a couple of times on a bangle and it’s lovely especially on the edge, however my favorite way to wear this bead is on the Star Ring of Change! I love how the three hearts are intertwined together and it basically lays flat on the finger. Intertwined retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Infinity – is also like intertwined being that it is coin style and looks beautiful on the Ring of Change or on a bracelet. It is a very classy design with four rings intertwined together. Infinity retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Wise Owl – is adorable! This bead has an open work design and has four holes, which allows you to wear it two different ways and could be used as a splitter on a Fantasy Necklace. Check out the acorn behind his back in the second photo. Wise owl retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Shelter –  resembles poppy heads, this is a unique design and goes well with Capsule of Life. Shelter retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Leaves of Love – is leaves in a heart shape. This bead is on the smaller size, however is well detailed.  Perfect for a nature bracelet anytime of the year. Leaves of Love retails for $46 / €42

Trollbeads Best of Both – a rather interesting beads as one side has bat wings and the other side Angel or feathered wings.  This bead balances the light and dark of our souls. It can also be used as a splitter or two different ways on a bracelet. There is also a Best of Both Lock in this collection that matches the bead as you can see below. I truly love this bead, the concept is genius, however I wish it was more of a focal bead size. But regardless it’s a great bead. Best of Both retails for $31 / €28

Trollbeads Capsule of Life Spacer – is the most unique spacer – stopper – bead from this collection. I have a feeling this will also be the most popular. There is a rubber ring inside, therefore it can be used a stopper on a bangle. Capsule of Life retails for $56 / €51

Trollbeads Night Sky Spacer – is a nice spacer – stopper.  It’s a design that would fit with any bead style. Night Sky Spacer retails for $31 / €28

Trollbeads Sneaky Fox Spacer –  I was most excited to see this spacer in person. I adore foxes, so this was a must have for me. He is so cute, he is perfect as both a spacer and stopper. Sneaky Fox Spacer retails for $46 / €42

Trollbeads Trunk of Treasures Lock – is the perfect lock for an Autumn or woodlands theme. This look will also go prefect with the Trollbeads Trunk of Treasures bead. Trunk of Treasures retails for $56 / €48

Trollbeads Best of Both Lock –  Matches the Best of Both Bead as you saw above. It has one bat wing and one feathered wing. I love this design and I think it will be a staple in my collection, one I’ll use throughout the year. Best of Both Lock retails for $59 / €52

Trollbeads Star Ring of Change – comes in sizes 51-60 which is roughly 5 1/4 – 9 1/2. When I first saw this concept with Trollbeads first Ring of Change, I wasn’t too sure about the design or whether I liked it. After receiving the Star Ring of change, it has barely left my finger.  I am still not a fan of huge beads on it, but I do love the smaller silvers and coin shape silvers on this ring. My favorite has been Trollbeads Intertwined on the Ring of Change. Star Ring of Change retails for $76 / €69

Trollbeads Star Bangle – is by far my favorite bangle! I love the texture and design. Because of the texture it looks oxidized, which gives it an edgy look. I have all the bangles from Trollbeads except for the Gold and until I received this one the twisted was my favorite across all brands it has now moved to second place. Star Bangle retails for $127 / €115

Below you can see that both the ring and bangle are the same design, please note that the ring is not the same thickness the bangle is, there for spacers don’t fit like stoppers on the ring.

Now for a few combos with in this collection. I will do another article soon with inspiration with older Trollbeads and possibly other brands. But I wanted to give you an idea of what these beads look like and what to expect when you go to preorder.

In Action Shots!

Over all, this is a fantastic release. One of the best I’ve seen from Trollbeads. I think this will be a popular release this season and you may find that certain items sell out fast, however don’t worry they will be back in stock if that happens as these are all current collection.

Starting today this collection is available for preorder and is scheduled to release on September the 15th, 2017. If you would like to preorder in North America you may do so by clicking the banner below, I have also provided some great retailers in Europe and the US.

Trollbeads is an Affiliate Link above.

Featured Retailers 

Perlen – Denmark

Beads Fanatic – Spain



Trollbeads Gallery

Hartwell House  


Star Bijou – Germany


As always, I love hearing your thoughts, so hit the comment button and tell me what you think of this collection? What is your favorites and must haves? I hope this photo packed review in some way helped you on your bead journey.






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