Elfbeads Bats Exclusive at Beads Fanatic – Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Elfbeads Bats, an exclusive to Beads Fanatic!

Elfbeads Bats – is an open work bead with cut outs of bats all the way around the bead and is comparable in size to Elfbeads Bohemian or Ohm Beads Luna. Anyone who knows me or follows my personal Facebook page knows I’m nocturnal and love animals of the night, so this bead is right up my alley! Elfbeads Bats is only available at Beads Fanatic and retails for €33

Elfbeads Bats is the perfect bead for a Halloween bracelet, However Bats can be worn year-round in many different themes.

There are over nine-hundred species of Bats world-wide, bats are mammals and are the only mammal in the world that can fly. There is a huge misconception that bats are harmful, in actuality they are one of the most important mammals in this world. Not only do they help control crop-destroying insects, they help control insects like mosquitoes that can carry and spread disease. One little brown bat can eat one-thousand mosquitoes within an hour. Therefore, it is important to help conserve this magnificent animal.  If you would like to learn more about bats <click here>.

Here are a few close-ups of Elfbeads Bats at different angles in an outdoor setting with natural light.

I had a bit of fun setting up a Halloween theme for photos. These were taken indoor, inside a portable studio. I have paired the two Elfbeads Bats with Elfbeads Bangle Bonanza, Jungle Dew Drops and Jungle Dreams.

Here you can really see the details and colors of each bead, again these are indoor studio photos.

Here I have taken late afternoon photos outdoors, which really make the Elfbeads Dew Drops glow.

Not only can you get the exclusive Elfbeads Bats at Beads Fanatic, but they also have a few of the Elfbeads Bangle Bonanza’s left! The set comes with a Star Bangle in a size of your choice, two Star Stoppers, three random Elfbeads and retails for €89. This is a fantastic deal.

Elfbeads Star Bangle –  has a unique star design covering the bangle and stoppers. At first, I was a bit worried about the bangle as it’s easy to manipulate. I worried that it would bend easily while wearing, however after wearing for the last week I have found this not to be true. I manipulate all my bangles into the shape I like. I usually buy up a size and change the shape, as I’m not a fan of oval. Once I placed the bangle on and lightly squeezed, it held perfectly. I put it on and take it off the same as my Trollbeads bangle and other cuff bangles. I have been wearing all five beads on this bangle with no issues at all. The stars give it a nice textured look. If you would like one of the Elfbeads Bangle Bonanza sets there are only a few left, visit Beads Fanatic to shop < Click here.

Here are the thee random Elfbeads I received with the Eldbeads Bonanza, which I think go perfectly with the Elfbeads Bats, also will look great within a witch’s theme for Halloween! The center bead is Elfbeads Jungle Dew Drops, and it is framed by two Jungle Dreams.

The buds on the Elfbeads Dew Drops really catch the light as if it is glowing.  Photo taken outdoors.

This is one of my favorite photos from this photo-shoot. Side view of Elfbeads Jungle Dew Drops.

As you can see the Elfbeads Dreams slightly vary, but are equally beautiful.

If you like any of the Elfbeads Jungle beads they have a few in stock and can be found here at Beads Fanatic <Click.

Wrist Shot!

Bats are playing in the moonlight!

Over all, I adore the Elfbeads bats, though as you all know I’m a bit bias being that I love bats! However, this is truly a unique bead and would complement any Halloween bracelet or nature combo. Would look great on a bracelet with a moon, stars and glow beads!  I also feel that the Elfbeads Bangle Bonanza is a fantastic deal and you really get a lot for your money! Also, would like to add that Beads Fanatic offers Vat free for those of us outside of Europe. Once you create an account it will take 21% off at checkout. That makes this deal even sweeter!

If you fell in love with any of the Elfbeads I have shown today or just want to browse, you can do so by clicking the banner below.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts! What did you guys think of the Elfbeads Bats bead? Do you have this bead or the Bangle Bonanza set?





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