Ohm Event Hosted by Joseph Welch Jewellers

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of an upcoming Ohm Event hosted by Joseph Welch Jewellers!

On September 16, 2o17 Joseph Welch Jewellers is hosting an Ohm Event at The Cleve Spa in Wellington, UK. There will be a huge selection of promotions from Ohm, Trollbeads and Redbalifrog both in-store and online.

In-Store Event Only

  • RSVP & attend in-store event for a chance to win Ohm Argh
  • Spend £260 in Ohm & Receive a free Open Your Heart Bead (only available at events in-store and online on September 16th)
  • Chance to purchase over fifteen retired BOTM’s
  • Promotional Offers across all Bead Brands
  • Ohmniques, Retired & Unreleased Beads
  • Live demonstrations from a Trollbeads Lampworker

Online Event

  • Spend £260 in Ohm & Receive a free Open Your Heart Bead (Limited amount available)
  • A chance to purchase nine retired BOTM’s  (Raffles)

For every £10 spent in Ohm products on September 16th, you will receive one raffle ticket. You may use these tickets on any raffle item you like, you can split them up and use them in different raffles or all in one raffle. Your choice. Raffles are for a chance to buy a BOTM at retail price.

Here are the available Raffles:

Online only:
  • Deadhead – one available 
  • Love Kills – one available 
  • Wing of Protection – one available 
  • Sealed Luna – one available
  • Sealed Chi Chi Sticks – one available 
  • Hug Me – one available
  • Tom the Dead – one available 
  • Weeping Warrior – one available 
In-store Only:
  • Deadhead –  one available 
  • Love Kills – one available 
  • Wing of Protection – one available
  • Sealed Luna – one available 
  • Sealed Chi Chi Sticks – one available 
  • Hug Me – one available 
  • Tom the Dead – one available 

In-store & Online: Love Cage –  one available 



Everyone wishing to partake In-store will be provided instructions and guidance on the day. 

For every £10 spent online on any Ohm product you will receive one raffle ticket. (£100 = 10 tickets etc)  

It is your responsibility to either use the comments section during checkout or email us immediately after your purchase to inform us how many tickets to be allocated to which available beads. (e.g. – 5 to Luna, 3 to Deadhead, 2 to Love cage)  

Please contact us now if you have any questions and use this time to familiarize yourself with available beads and T&C’s. We will use our best judgment to correct any mistakes that you may make with your entry, we cannot guarantee there will be sufficient time to clarify any amendments with you. Once you have decided your entries and informed us, we cannot guarantee you will be able to make any amendments (although, of course we will try our best)” 

Here are photos of available Raffles Beads of the Month. 
 Many of these are well sought after so, here is your chance to get one of these BOTM’s at retail price!
Saturday, September 16, 2017 Time line for event:
  • 00:01 – Online event starts
  • 09:30 – Doors Open – Collect your welcome pack
  • 10:30 – Tea, Coffee & Cake
  • 12:00 – Raffle ticket desk opens
  • 15:30 – Trollbeads Raffle
  • 16:30 – Ohm Raffle & Argh Giveaway (Argh in-store only)
  • 23:59 – Online event ends

For additional information and for Terms and Conditions please visit Joseph Welch Jewellers Ohm Even page < Click.

Over all, this is going to be a fabulous event! Everyone who orders £260 in Ohm Beads on the 16th will receive an Open Your Heart bead; however, please note that after the stores stock of forty beads for in-store and online customers is depleted there will be a six to eight week delay in shipment.  If you can go, then I suggest going to this event. For those who live too far away this is a chance for you to receive an Open Your Heart Bead. Also, there are great raffles available and some of these “Bead of the Month” are sought after and demand a huge aftermarket price, so this is your chance to buy at retail.

Those shopping online Saturday, September 16, 2017 can do so by clicking here.

As always, I love hearing from you all! Do you plan to attend the in-store or online event?





2 responses to “Ohm Event Hosted by Joseph Welch Jewellers

  1. According to the FB page, all online orders will receive Open Your Heart, however after the first 20 there will be a 6-8 week delay. I guess there were 40 left from the last run, and then more will be made? Either way, super excited!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Correct, there are only 40 beads total provided for this event that will be in stock; however, any orders over the 20 allotted for online shoppers, will receive theirs 6-8 weeks later, as the retailer will receive the exact amount needed from Ohm. So, there will be a delay due to allowing time for Ohm to ship to the retailer and the retailer ship out to the customers. This is good news as everyone who orders on September the 16th will receive the Ohm Open You Heart. Please note the time for online ordering and this is in UK time zone for the store.

      Bonnie, You will love the Open Your Heart, it is such a nice bead. I received mine from an event earlier in the year. It is well worth spending the amount needed to receive it free. Have fun shopping!


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