Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko Review

Today on Beadsaholic is a review of Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko in both silver and brass.

Maneki-Neko Is a good luck charm and is known to many as a lucky cat you see in Chinese, Japanese restaurants and businesses here in the US and I’m sure abroad, too. It is thought that the Maneki-Neko uses his hand to beckon in the customers and bring good luck to the business or home it resides in and in this case the wrist it adorns.

Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko comes in three finishes, Silver and Brass are pictured below; however, it also comes in gold.

Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko in silver retails for €48. Here are some up-close photos of this cute kitty.  I adore his facial expression.

Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko in brass retails for €35.  This bead is beautiful and resembles the color of gold. It does have to be polished to the lighter yellow from time to time. The brass is a great alternative.

Here I have mixed Spirit Beads with Trollbeads. List of beads right, clock-wise.

  • Trollbeads Unique
  • Spirit Beads Daruma
  • Trollbeads LE Roses
  • Spirit Beads Kokeshi
  • Trollbeads Strawberry Quartz
  • Spirit Beads Brass Maneki-Neko
  • Trollbeads LE Roses
  • Spirit Beads Silver Maneki-Neko
  • Trollbeads Hessonite Garnet
  • Spirit Beads LE Kokeshi (Silver sold out, but available in gold)
  • Trollbeads LE Roses
  • Spirit Beads Sakura
  • Trollbeads Unique

Stones, silvers and lock can be purchased here.

In the next three photos, I have placed Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko with Ogerbeads bubblegum Flux, Sweet Candy Blobs and Candy Pink Glass Stone Fragments on a Trollbeads Star Bangle with Redbalifrog Frangipani stoppers.

I think the Trollbeads cherry blossom uniques go perfectly with Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko.

Of course, you can place these cute kitties in just about any combo. Here they are with Trollbeads Ageless Beauty, Sapphire and Blue Tiger Eye.

I think the golden color of the brass goes perfectly with Amethyst.

Here are a couple of combos most have seen before, but thought it would be nice to revisit these photos.

Perfect with the Trollbeads Kimono kit!

Wrist Shots!

Over all, I think this is the cutest Maneki-Neko! I have seen other brands of Lucky Cats; however, this is by far my favorite, I love his round body and he is the perfect size. He is whimsical and fun! I love wearing Maneki-Neko on a bangle in a simple combo or in a Japanese theme bracelet with the Trollbeads Kimono beads or beautiful shades of pink.

If you love this bead as much as I do and would like to order one of the finishes or would like to browse this collection, then click the banner below to be redirected to Spirit Beads to shop.

As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts of Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko? Do you own any of the Spirit Beads line and if so, which is your favorite?







One response to “Spirit Beads Maneki-Neko Review

  1. Both of the cats are so cute! Which one do you like better or find yourself wearing more often…the silver or brass one? I can’t decide which one to get. Does brass tarnish faster than silver? Also, I tried browsing the star bijou link you provided but I didn’t find anything regarding international shipping. Do you know if they ship internationally to the USA? Or are there any other US retailers or online ones that ship internationally that carry spiritbeads?


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